Seadoo 3D DI

One watercraft. Multiple experiences. Countless affronts to boredom. For attention spans shorter than the distance between two buoys, there's the world's first single watercraft with five different riding positions. With a quick, nimble new 130 HP Orbital direct-injection engine for 2006. Easily changeable from one to the next, choose between KART, MOTO, VERT, KNEE, and SHOQ. Who needs commitment, right?


Length:107.1 in 272 cm
Width:44 in 112 cm
Height:36.25 in 92 cm
Weight (dry):610.7 lbs 277 kg
Rider Capacity:1
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):9.2 Gals 35 L
Storage Capacity:1.42 Gals 5.4 L
Engine:Rotax� twin-cylinder, Orbital� Direct injection with R.A.V.E. exhaust
Bore mm:88
Stoke mm:78.2
Displacement / hp:130
Displacement / cc:951
Compression ratio:6.0:1
Intake System:Direct fuel injection, 46mm SU Automotive
Cooling:Water, open circuit
Fuel Type:Regular unleaded
Propulsion System:Bombardier Formula water jet pump
Jet Pump:Composite/aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub
Transmission:Direct drive with V.T.S.TM (Variable Trim System)
Impeller:Stainless steel
Ignition:Digital inductive
Battery:12 volt
Hull:Semi-V, composite
Color:Viper Red
D.E.S.S. tm:STD
Multifunction LED info center :STD, Fuel level, Low Fuel level, Low Oil Level, Maintenance Info, Check Engine
O.P.A.S. TM System :STD
Sea-Doo� Learning Key TM :STD
Two-tone comfort hand grips :STD
Reboarding Deck Pad :STD
ID: 63

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