Turbojet 505
The range topping Turbojet 505 is designed as a light and compact diesel yacht tender with a performance edge. She performs her duties as a smooth and quiet people carrier with ease, but will also give lively and powerful fun for waterskiing or coastal cruising away from the parent yacht. Fitted with a 110HP Yanmar diesel coupled to Williams' own high torque pump system the Turbojet 505 is a yacht tender designed for the professional market, tough and reliable, easy to maintain and a stylish accessory to even the most luxurious yacht. The Turbojet 505 can also be specified to meet MCA LY2 rescue boat regulations.

Turbojet 445
The Turbojet 445 shares many of the market leading features of the existing range but with increased capacity, more storage space and a host of innovative features and options. A new high torque jet pump and an expanded seating area enables the Turbojet 445 to carry six adults and one child in comfort. This increased thrust also delivers plenty of top end speed for waterskiing and fast coastal cruising, making the Turbojet 445 a truly versatile utility yacht tender.

Turbojet 385
Leave the yacht at anchor and explore further afield with the Turbojet 385. Stylish and practical, the Turbojet 385 is the leader of the pack. Her sports boat hull gives truly awesome open water performance and a breathtakingly smooth ride, and with seating for five adults and one child plus storage she has capacity which belies her size. As with any Williams tender there are a number of colour options available, enabling an owner to match their parent yacht or create a personalised look. Power, precision and purpose for the larger yacht - The Turbojet 385.

Turbojet 325
The Turbojet 325 will rocket from standstill to 20 knots in four seconds flat and won't stop until the far side of 40 knots. In common with the entire Turbojet range, such performance is made possible by the torquey 98hp Weber engine driving through a high performance pump system. The Turbojet 325's spacious layout can accommodate four adults and one child in comfort, with luggage stowed in the forward locker and under the central seat. Her hull length promotes excellent low speed planing ability, giving a supremely stable platform for safe embarking/disembarking. As with all Turbojets the fuel economy is impressive, giving extended use between refuelling for true coastal cruising capability. A qualified choice for the discerning yacht owner.

Turbojet 285
The Turbojet 285 will fire up at a turn of the key and immediately settle into a quiet unobtrusive idle, but throw open the throttle and hold on for a truly exhilarating ride. Powered by the Weber turbocharged 98hp 4-stroke engine the Turbojet 285 has a level of performance which belies her size. A sports boat hull ensures she will hold tight in turns even if driven hard, and waterskiers will delight in her ability to track in a straight line - altogether an unexpected experience in such a compact boat. Able to carry three adults with ease, the Turbojet 285 can also be used for general ferrying duties making her a great practical tender choice for any yacht.

Redbay Stormforce 16
Planned for delivery late 2010 early 2011 the Stormforce 16 will be a completely new departure for Redbay Boats. The concept is to design a large commercial RIB and the main design brief is to deliver a vessel capable of carrying up to 30 passengers at speeds of up to 30 knots. We are working closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in the UK and the Department of Transport in Ireland to ensure that this boat complies with the latest legislation.

Redbay Stormforce 11 Commercial
Stormforce 11 Cabin Commercial In recent years the RIB has proven itself as an extremely versatile platform for many commercial applications.The Stormforce 11 has been at the forefront of this revolution. It delivers quality, performance, flexibility and economy all in one package. The applications are far reaching and to date have included security, customs, police, patrol, survery and ferry boat operations. If you are looking for a boat with serious commercial credentials, look no further.

Redbay Stormforce 11 Touring
Stormforce 11 Touring The Stormforce 11 touring cabin builds on the success of the cruising cabin whilst offering an additioanl space for storage or two junior berths. It is taken from the same mould as the cruising cabin but it has an additional element added to the aft section of the cabin. The other main benefit is improved access and a full marine door. The touring cabin model delivers a very generous cabin space and is generally favoured by owners with younger families.

Redbay Stormforce 11 Flybridge
Developed in 2008 the Stormforce 11 Fly-bridge combined the best of the explorer cabin with the pleasure of helming a boat from an outside steering postion. The external driving position is sublime and with the superb handling characheristics of the Stormforce 11 hull driving externally is just like being in a small open boat again. This model offers the best of both worlds, when the weather takes a turn for the worse everyone can haed below decks to comfort and warmth of the pilot house

Redbay Stormforce 11 Cabin
Stormforce 11 Explorer-X (cruising cabin) With the arrival of the new millenium, Redbay Boats felt that it was important to mark the occasion and as a result the Stormforce 11 Explorer cruising cabin was developed. This boat benefits from the superb handling charachteristics of a well proven hull and has all the on board facilities more akin to the luxury motor cruiser. It has proven itself to be a real success story and is available in three different cabin sizes.

Redbay Stormforce 11 Canopy
Stormforce 11 Canopy THe Stormforce 11 canopy boat has set an industry standard in the sea-safari and passenger carrying RIB market. To date this model has been used principally as an island ferry and sight-seeing vessel, it carries up to 15 passengers in a dry comfortable environment whilst delivering great economy to the owner/managing agent. It is also available in several pleasure boat configurations and makes for a great family cruiser or super yacht tender.

Redbay Stormforce 1050
Stormforce 1050 Developed and launched in 2009 the Stormforce 1050 is an extreme offshore RIB primarily aimed at the commercial/military sector and the serious recreational user. The protype boat was built with twin 300 Hp Suzuki Four strokes and reached speeds of 55knots. It should be mentioned that this is not a race boat hull, it is a proper RIB that retains all the best features expected of a RIB in terms of handling and rough weather ability

Redbay Stormforce 9.1
Probably one of the most significant developmental steps for Redbay Boats, the Stormforce 9.1 heralded the progression of Redbay Boats from a small builder to a large and significant force to be reckoned with in the RIB Industry. The Stormforce 9.1 broke new ground in terms of design and functionality and it wa the first boat to feature the industry leading wraparound console.

Redbay Stormforce 8.4 Expedition
The First Stormforce 8.4 Expedition was delivered in June 2005. Since then it has proven to be a very popular model for Redbay Boats. The design is quite radical and does not conform with the standard cabin RIB designs that are available on the market today.The wheelhouse feels light and spacious which creates a very confortable environment for up to 10 crew. The Expediotion has also gained its sewaorthiness credentials by crossing the North Sea twice. .

Redbay Stormforce 8.4 Open
Initially developed as a prototype inshore rescue boat for testing by the RNLI the Stormforce 8.4 open RIB operates in a class of it's own. It has taken many forms over the years but has proven most popular in the patrol and seas-safari sectors. It is a wide bodied RIB which can carry up to 14 persons and can be powered by either outboard or diesel stern-drive. It was the first single engine RIIB in the range to offer endurance beyond 300Nm.

Redbay Stormforce 750
Based on the Stormforce 7.4, the 750 was developed to enhance the asthetics of a very successful Stormforce model. The facelift included new bow to stern mouldings and a hardnose. The results, a brialliantly designed RIB that uses every inch of deck space from bow to stern. This model is avaiable in three vraiants, open cockpit, wraparound canopy and hard cabin. It is an extremely versatile RIB with a lot to offer both the outboard and stern-drive user.

Redbay Stormforce 7.4 Cabin
Stormforce 7.4 Cabin With the development of a superb hullform and a range of brilliant Yamaha diesel stern-drives to power it, it was only a matter of time before the benefits of this boat were recognised by the commercial sector. Used principally as a passenger and goods carrying carft the Stormforce 7.4 cabin has a reputation for being a real workhorse, it is robust, reliable and very econmical.

Redbay Stormforce 7.4 Open
Stormforce 7.4 Open With the development of the stern-drive and it's arrival on the RIB scene in the mid 90's Redbay Boats knew that this was a development opportunity that could not be missed. Aware that their existing designs would not carry the weight it was time for team to go back to the drawing board. The results were astounding, the hullform in our opinion is the smoothest and driest in the industry.

Redbay Stormforce 650
Stormforce 650 A late arrival to the family this model was borne from the requirement to deliver a standardised product offering with a more asthetically pleasing finish. In principle it is an enhanced 6.5 which benefits from an internally moulded deck and console arrangement. The streamlined manufacturing process of this boat means it is available on a very short lead time. The beauty of this model is it's simplicity, the perfect boat for someone new to RIBing.

Redbay Stormforce 6.5 Open
Stormforce 6.5 Open Developed from the extremely successful Stormforce 6.1, the 6.5 was a logical and natural progession for Redbay Boats. Initially the brief was to increase the carrying capacity of both crew and fuel, it was borne out of a necessity to deliver longer range cruising. It was not long before this model had formed a reputation all of it';s own. It is retained today to offer versatility to the open RIB range. Stormforce 6.5 Canopy In the late 90's Redbay Boats led the industry by creating their revolutionary wraparound canopy range of boats. It is a design which they have perfected and one which many another RIB builder aspires to but can never truly replicate. On the Stormforce 6.5 it allows six crew to sit in a dry comfortable environment, regardless of what the wind and waves may be throwing at the boat

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