Maori 78

As austere and sharp in lines as cheerful and versatile to use, this ship offers wide open spaces, luxury, comfort and excellent performances; all these details make it an elite tender or, to be more specific, a super- comfort Fast commuter.

Being the evolution of the previous models, Maori 78ft is today the flagship of the shipyard: a boat on which the function of each shape is thought in order to serve mainly a daily use, or even for a weekend. It is perfect to bath in the sea and to sunbath, or to cruise with friends. Its high technical and project level grants two comfortable, wide cabins below, one for the owner, the other for guests, that allow to stay onboard for more than a day without too many problems. The crew cabin is at bow. It is understood that its performances are remarkable, above all if we consider that its length overall is over 24 meters. Thanks to the propulsion of two 1800 hp Man engines joined with a Jolly Drive surface propellers system, Maori 78 reaches a cruising speed of over 43kn.
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