Hartley 10 Cruiser

Very stable, manageable & forgiving
Deep roomy cockpit - kind to knees & back
Ample crew space - high boom - greater comfort
High boom, better head clearance & visibility
Dry boat - splash deflecting gunwale - self draining cockpit
Easy to right after capsize - does not invert unless you sit or stand on mast
Clear open tranasom - no fear of entrapment
Comes upright with very little water in cockpit which quickly drains through self drainers
Easily reefed
Designed spacifically for training & development
Can be sailed by 1 or 2 people
New generation rotor mould design - historic build problems now eliminated
Specially designed gunwales to lift & grip securely - no accessory handles to break
Excellent hull shape that sails over waves effortlessly
Managable weight - not too heavy to manoeuvre on shore
Attractive design appealing contemporary boat look
Suitable for beginners, intermediate, adult & youth


Length Overall:2.94m (10)
Sail Area Main & Genoa:3.7m2
Performance sail:5.1m2
ID: 6138

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