SeaDoo RXP

Every man is an island. A 215 HP, liquid-cooled island. There are those content to watch the world go by. On the RXP, the world watches you go by. With 215 horses, race-bred handling, and variable trim system, it's no wonder the RXP has dominated the Musclecraft Shootout for two years running. And when the sun bounces off the sleek chrome details, the only question is whether the human head can turn fast enough.


Length:120.9 in 307 cm
Width:48 in 122 cm
Height:42.9 in 109 cm
Weight (dry):790 lbs 358 kg
Rider Capacity:1 or 2
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):15.9 Gals 60 L
Storage Capacity:10.7 Gals 40.3 L
Engine:Rotax� 4-TEC� SOHC, four valves per cylinder
Bore mm:100
Stoke mm:63.4
Displacement / hp:215
Displacement / cc:1494
Compression ratio:8.4:1
Intake System:Supercharged with intercooler, 52mm throttle body
Cooling:Closed-loop cooling system
Fuel Type:Premium unleaded
Propulsion System:Bombardier Formula water jet pump
Jet Pump:Aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub with 10-vane stator
Transmission:Direct drive with forward / neutral / reverse and electric VTSTM (Variable Trim System)
Impeller:Stainless steel
Ignition:Digital inductive
Battery:12 volt
Hull:Semi-V, composite
Color:Maya Gold or Viper Red Metallic
D.E.S.S. tm:STD
Speedometer:STD (Information Center)
Reboarding Step:STD
O.P.A.S. TM System :STD
Learning Key TM :STD
Mirrors :STD
Two-tone comfort hand grips :STD
Reboarding Deck Pad :STD
Removable Front Storage Tray:STD
Information Center :STD (19 functions)
ID: 59

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