Sportis S-5200

SPORTIS RIB boat S–5200 is perfect for both professional and leisure purposes. Thanks to the hull design and reduced weight the boat can work with a 50 HP engine, and maximum power is 115 HP. The boat may have either low or high deck.


CE design category:C
Buoyancy chambers quantity:5
Length o.a. [m]:515
Flat deck area [m]:3,90 (2,85)
Breadth o.a. [m]:2,35
Cockpit breadth [m]:128
Capacity [kg]:1000
Boat's weight (without engine) [kg] c.a (weight without fuel tank, console, seats, mast etc):320
Max engine power [kW(KM)]:84,6 (115)
Recommended engine power [kW(KM)]:55,2 (75)
Transom height:L
ID: 4777

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