Adventure 100

Neat Sit-in for lake & sea
Solo leisure paddling

The new Adventure 100 is an easy paddling Sit-in that's great for lakes, rivers, lagoons and calm seas. Fast and surprisingly stable considering its compact size, it's very easy to handle on land too and fits neatly on the roof of your car. The wide cockpit shape assures a hassle-free launch and land. The fittings include foot rests and an adjustable backrest that guarantee a comfortable paddling position. And it's got ample storage space front and back. A versatile, compact and speedy Sit-in.

Standard equipment:

• Adjustable footrests
• Adjustable backrest
• Wide rear hatch with quick-lock closure
• Stowing mesh at front
• Front and rear carry handles
• Storage glove box at front

Adventure Paddle Takedown 2 parts:

Asymmetric paddle that generates more power for more advanced kayakers, for Sit-in, Sit-on-top and for longer distance adventure kayaking. Very stable and light weight, ideal for taking you to another level, an excellent motor at a great price for the more demanding enthusiast.

Blade material: fiberglass
Shaft: fiberglass 29.5mm
Weight: 0.95kg / 2.09lbs
Length: 2.20m
Pin lock system

ID: 4360

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