Delphia 24

Delphia 24

Designed by the renowned naval architect Andrzej Skrzat, the Delphia 24 One Design regatta yacht was developed as a joint venture between the Polish Regatta Association and Delphia Yachts boatyard. The objective was to develop a yacht that bridged the gap between high-performance swing keel and sport ballast boats designed for training and racing, that would also meet the requirements of recreational sailing. This result was a yacht that is extremely responsive to the helm yet its superior stability negates the requirement for trapeze wires.
This high performance yacht is made from the highest quality composite materials to ensure maximum performance and durability and its advanced hull structure gives it an ability to plane in strong winds. Its weighted daggerboard ensures stability for controlled sailing even in high winds.


Keel type:centreboard
Length Overall:7.70 m 25.26 ft
Hull Length:7.32 m 24.02 ft
Beam:2.50 m 8.20 ft
Draft:1.62 m 5.31 ft
Total weight:900 kg 1984 lbs
Ballast weight:250 kg 551 lbs
Main sail area:21.00 m2 226.04 ft2
Genoa area (fock):10.22 m2 110.01 ft2
Category CE:C - 5
DesignerAndrzej Skrzat


Delphia’s yachts are designed by highly professional craftsmen using state-of-the-art computer software and high-tech equipment such as CNC. The technology team manages the manufacturing preparations and oversees the manufacturing process itself using only the highest quality materials for construction. Our facilities employ infusion technology. Delphia has a long-standing relationship with the Ship Design and Research Centre where our boat prototypes are examined and tested.

Thanks to employing modern manufacturing technologies, we are able to offer our products at extremely competitive prices. Our shipyard has also solved some environmental problems, for example, we have installed dust separators at our joinery completely eliminating the “dust” problem. We have also switched from coal to oil fired boiler systems. To be able to recycle as much waste as possible, we have created a dedicated waste recycling station. Since 2002, we have used environmentally friendly components and materials such as Low Styrene Emission resins.

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