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The ISO 9650 standard is intended to improve and harmonise design
standards for Liferafts. It distinguishes 2 categories of rafts: “Type 1”
for ocean navigation and “Type 2” for coastal navigation
(the ISO 9650 standard does not impose any limit between coastal
and open sea sailing).
Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts belong to the Type 1 category, ie they are
designed for sailing on the open sea, and are thus adapted to the risks
incurred on long voyages (high winds and heavy seas). They are
available in Group A: rafts designed to inflate correctly at an ambient
air temperature of between -15°C and 65°C.
The Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts are produced with equipment for less
than or more than 24 hours. In order to meet the needs of your sailing
programme (long distances, trips, etc.), the under-24 hours version
can be transformed with the greatest of ease into the over-24 hours
version with the addition of a grab bag. Buoyant and watertight,
it contains the supplementary equipment necessary when you have to
wait longer to be rescued, and is equipped with an attachment system
for increased safety.

Range: Liferafts

Zodiac liferafts are structurally state of the art in terms of security and materials, and comply with the requirements of the ISO 9650 international lifeboat design standards.

Equipment for over 24 hours packed in optional grab bag:

Under-24 hours equipment, packed in a container or valise and contained in a bag:

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