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Zar 97 Skydeck

The ZAR 97 Skydeck faces the end of production of ten meters (9.70 x3, 25 ft)
The ZAR 97 is a boat that satisfies fans of the "ZARISTI" and RIB for its reliability in speed (50 knots with two engines to 300hp), but with special care and thought for those who want to miss one yacht. Aft double row of seats allows ten people sitting opposite route, or to obtain a second sun, in addition to the bow, which is a true lounge chairs for comfort and size, all with free entrance and hallway always walk-around, other new details are integrated into the walkway bridge and the steel roll-bar with the awning that can be extended to the fore or aft. For the interior, great brightness is obtained from the window above the dinette table, and large spaces: four beds, two in the bow to stern over the double bed (2m x2) with availability of cabs standing, as well as the bathroom, in a separate room with toilet, shower and sink.


Length:m 9.70
Width:m 3.25
Internal walking length:m 9.70
Internal walking width:m 2.30
Intertubular width:m 2.05
Tubular diameter:cm 60
N. tubular compartments:n. 6
Seating capacity:n 14/16
Net dinghy weight (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor):kg 2,800
Maximum power applicable:kW 442- HP 600
Power recommended:HP 450/500
Engine shaft lenght:n. 1 engine XXL
Max. weight nstallable motors:kg 600
CE certification:with “B” design category (A+a form) ongoing.

Optional equipment:

• Complete dingy heuling belt kit for launch/accomodation
• Stainless steel roll-bar with sun tend for stern sunbathing area
• Stainless steel arcs and telescopic for navigation lights and
anchor lights installed of the stainless steel roll-bar
• Sun tend with 3 stainless steel arcs when the roll-bar is not
• Sliding electric stern gangway with teck grating
• Sliding electric stern gangway with iroko grating
• Multimedia kit: Audio Video System, Digital Terrestrial Tv,
DVD-CD-MP3-Dvix, iPOD Video, LCD 17”, electric system
• Navigation kit Garmin GPS MAP 5012C colour Touchscreen
+ Echo-Sounder

Features ZAR 43:

• Stern deck with folding ladder (Limited version only)
• Stern deck with gangway and electrical gangway fitting
(Limited version only)
• Full set of stern cockpit cushions (Limited version only)
• N° 1 external cockpit wash basin with chopping board
• Stern sunbathing area
• Bow sunbathing area
• Full set of cabin cushions (n° 1 double bed in the bow + n° 1
in the stern)
• Internal cabin maple wood panelling
• N° 8 cushions of different colours for the bed in the bow
(Limited version only)
• N° 5 cushions of different colours for the bed in the stern
(Limited version only)
• N° 2 cushions with Sky Deck stitching (Limited version only)
• Hydraulic stearing gear
• Stainless steel framed windscreen
• Sliding plexiglass cabin entrance door
• N° 3 stainless steel portholes with fly screen
• Sliding sun light window with flyscreen and shade curtain
• Stainless steel wash basin with mixer tap for the cabin
• Shower slide bar
• Electric sea wc with macerator (Limited version only)
• Automatic open/close valve for sea wc (Limited version only)
• Black water tanks with 2° electric macerator (Limited version
• N° 3 cabin mirrors
• N° 2 mirrors in the bathroom
• N° 1 full-size mirror on bathroom door
• N° 9 wooden cabin closets
• N° 1 wardrobe with hangers
• N° 1 piece of furniture with 2 drawers, 2 closets and top with
stainless steel no-drop edge
• N° 3 bedside tables
• N° 4 bed side lamps
• 10.6 kg. stainless steel anchor
• Anchor winch nose + stainless steel bow
• N° 2 fuel tanks 300 lt each (tot. 600 lt.) (Limited version)
• N° 1 fuel tank 300 lt (Concept version)
• N° 2 water tanks (80 + 67 lt.) (Limited version)
• N° 1 water tank (80 lt.) (Concept version)
• Autoclave pump system for internal and external shower,
bathroom basin and external basin
• Wastewater collection and discharge tank
• Electric panel in the deck
• Fuse panel in the cabin
• Shore battery charger (Limited version only)
• Isolator switch for n° 3 batteries with charge and balance
divider (Limited version only)
• Earth collecting anode on the stern mirror (Limited version
• Dinette table in the bow
• Table inside the cabin
• N° 6 cold spotlights for cabin
• N° 3 cold spotlights for bathroom
• Upright 50 lt.fridge with compressor
• Two burner cooker (excluding connection and gas cylinder)
• Anchor windlass controller from console and remote control
handset (Limited version only)
• Shutters for cabin and bathroom portholes (Limited version
• Waterproof shower curtain (Limited version only)
• Fabric curtain between stern cabin and bow cabin (Limited
version only)
• Bilge pump

ID: 3475

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