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Sportis S 6100/K

Pneumatic motor-boats with rigid bottom RIB Patrol are widely used by the army, Police, Coast Guard, lifeguards and professionals divers.
Well-tried in all conditions, on many water regions, in all actions.

PNEUMATIC TUBE divided in separated chambers assure the displacement to make the boat unsinkable.
Tube is made of the highest quality material Pennel Industries ORCA.

SPECIAL VERSIONS of the S-6100/K are produced to special orders, built under the supervision of Classification Societies.

The outfitting and construction conform the rules of safety convention, required strength and weather resistance conditions.

RIB PATROL can be driven by outboard or stationary, diesel or petrol engines.

Skim shape of the hull together with maximum power engines let the boat achieve over 40 knots.

Solid and rigid construction with high efficiency are the main advantages of SPORTIS' boats.


Hull & deckGRP dark gray / light gray / white
Pneumatic tube colorred / light gray / dark gray / black / blue
Buoyancy chambers quantity6
Length overall [m]6,10
Cockpit length [m]4,50
Beam overall [m]2,49
Cockpit breadth [m]1,30
Capacity [kg]1020
Boats weight (without engine) [kg]850
Max engine power [KM]150
Recommended engine power [KM]110
Transom height [m]0,508


S 6100/K has the following characteristic:

* half-opened or optional closed cabin
* windows made of organic glass
* hatch and railing on the roof
* helmsman and navigator chairs
* double rubber fender
* strengthened bow chamber
* fuel tank 115 l.

ID: 2256

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