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Avon Coastline Liferaft - 6 Perons

The Avon Coastline buoyancy tube is divided into two separate chambers. The Coastline liferaft also uses a high-quality
inflation system.
Whilst Avon Coastline rafts are intended for use close to shore, where the chances of an early rescue are far greater, the
emergency pack still complies with the standard laid down by the Offshore Racing Committee of the Royal Ocean Racing


Model:Coastline Liferaft - 6 Persons
Builder:Avon Inflatables
Guest Min Max:6 Persons

Features Include:

• Inflation Co2 Cylinder On The Side Of The Buoyancy Tube + 39 Painter/Firing Lanyard Arid Securing Palch For Painter
• High Visibility Bright Reel Coated Nylon Canopy
• Outside Lifelines
• Inside Bracing Lines
• Observation Port/Water Collector
• Iindependant Buoyancy Chambers
• New Large Weighted Stabilizing Pockets
• Rescue Quoit And Line
• Self Inflating Canopy Arch For Immediate Protection From Exposure To The Elements
• Pressure Relief Valves
• Topping Uup Valves
• Floating Knife In Pouch
• Rorc Emergency Pack

RORC Pack:

• 1 Safety Knife - To Cut Painter
• 1 Signalling Torch
• 2 Paddles
• 3 Hand Flares
• 1 Distress Signal Table
• 1 Bailer
• 2 Sponges
• 1 Sea Anchor - 100 (30 M) Line
• 1 Rescue Quoit On 100 (30 M) Line
• 1 Bellows
• 1 Repair Kit
• 6 Anti-Sea Sickness Pills Per Person
• Advice On Immediate Emergency Procedures


Manufactured from waterproof material with special lacing that breaks when the CO2 cylinder is fired.


Tough, fibreglass, waterproof canister for deck mounting. Stainless steel straps break open when the CO2 cylinder is fired.

Floor Plan:

Avon s unique ballance system used on Ocean or Coastline rafts has a very positive effect on stability. It allows airflow beneath the raft, reducing the risk of capsizing, and provides a smooter, more comfortable ride

ID: 1776

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