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Avon Ocean Liferaft - 4 Persons

The Avon standard Ocean-going liferaft has many features, including vacuum packing for extra stowed protection, more
internal headroom, easier boarding, greater night time visibility, and a new weighted ladder.
The buoyancy tubes are made of tough heavy-duty nylon, calendered with a specially formulated neoprene, for maximum air
retention and resistance to weathering. Each of the two independent buoyancy tubes is capable of supporting the full
complement the raft has been designed for, whilst retaining the full floor area. The standard inflatable double floor helps to
retain body heat in cold waters.


Model:Ocean Liferaft - 4 Persons
Builder:Avon Inflatables
Guest Min Max:4 Persons

Features Include:

• Inflation Co2 Cylinder On The Side Of The Buoyancy Tube + 39 Painter/Firing Lanyard And Securing Patch For Painter
• New Boarding System: Weighted Boarding Ladder + Webbing Bridle Inside To Ease Entry Into Raft
• Bright Red High Visibility Self-Erecting Canopy With Retro Reflective Tapes
• Outside Lifelines
• Automatically Activated Lighting: Inside And On Canopy Arch, With Battery-Save Feature
• Entrance Flap With Tie Taps And Touch And Close Fastening
• Ventilation Chute/Observation Port And Rainwater Collection
• Inside Bracing Lines
• New Large Weighted Stabilizing Pockets
• Upper And Lower Independent Neoprene/Nylon Buoyancy Tube
• Rescue Quoit And Line
• Standard Inflatable Double Floor For Heat Retention

Ym(E) Pack:

• 1 Safety Knife - To Cut Painter
• 1 First Aid Pack
• Drinking Water - 1 Pint (0.5 Litre) Per Person
• 1 Signalling Torch (Flashlight)
• 2 Spare Batteries And Bulb
• 2 Paddles
• 2 Parachute Flares
• 3 Hand Flares
• 1 Sun Signalling Mirror
• 1 Distress Signal Table
• 1 Bailer
• 2 Sponges
• 1 Sea Anchor - 100 (30 M) Line
• 1 Rescue Quoit On 100 (30 M) Line
• 1 Bellows
• 1 Repair Kit Incl. Leak Stoppers For Rapid Repairs
• 6 Anti-Sea Sickness Pills Per Person
• 1 Whistle
• 1 Fishing Kit
• Advice On Immediate Emergency Procedures

Life Saving Design Features:

• Proven Co2 Firing Mechanism.
• Inflation Sequence Starts Within 10 Seconds.
• Buoyancy Of 3.4 Cu. Ft. And Floor Area Of 4 Sq. Ft. Per Person Conform To Imo Solas (Safety Of Life At Sea)
• Self-Erecting Canopies On All Models, For Immediate Protection.
• Ballast System Operates Within 30 Seconds, And Is Fully Effective After 60 Seconds.
• Sea Anchors Are Conical And Based On British Dot Recommendations.
• Observation/Ventilation Port And Rain Water Collector.
• Auto-Switch Activated Dry Cell Light System. Battery Save Feature.
• Pressure Relief/Topping Up Valves.
• Choice Of Canister Or Valise, Incorporating Easy Carry Handles.
• Space Saving Edge-On Stowage For Canisters

Vacuum Sealed:

All Avon Ocean Liferafts are now vacuum sealed in a special plastic envelope, before being packed in a valise or canister.


Manufactured from waterproof material with special lacing that breaks when the CO2 cylinder is fired.


Tough, fibreglass, waterproof canister for deck mounting. Stainless steel straps break open when the CO2 cylinder is fired.

Floor Plan:

Avon`s unique ballast system used on Ocean or Coastline rafts has a very positive effect on stability. It allows airflow beneath the raft, reducing the risk of capsizing, and provides a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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