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Pioner 12 Maxi

The new Pioner 12 Maxi is a modern and secure multipurpose boat. It is self-draining, easy planing, very solid and stable. Pioner is the market leader in rotational moulding, and has taken this moulding process to new heights with the new Pioner 12 Maxi. With its double hull, the boat is extremely safe and full contact between the deck and hull makes the boat stiffer and more robust. With minimal maintenance and build for long life, this is a perfect boat for all boat owners.

The boat seats three or four people, and the high freeboard ensures everyone will have a comfortable and dry boat trip. The longitudinal thwart is designed for easy rowing.


Max HP:15hp
ID: 1459

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See Polimoon AS at http://www.polimoon.com/