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Pioner 8 mini

Leisure Boats

Sports boats, family boats, boats for water skiing, yacht tenders, fishing boats, a boat for your children or your first ever boat?

You'll find lots to choose from here!

From the fabulous new Pioner 17 Supersport sports boat to the practical and fun Pioner 8 Mini, every boat in the range is designed to give you many years of trouble free fun on the water.

Boats for leisure use come with a ten year warranty.

Every boat and dinghy in the range is 100% recyclable. Made from rotationally moulded Polyethylene, they are hard wearing, robust and won't lose their colour in the sun.

Designed with large reserves of buoyancy, these boats are also built to be easy to handle, easy to row and simple to look after. For example many of them are self draining.

Enjoy yourself in your Pioner boat!


Max engine power:4hp/3kw
Length x width:242cm x 134cm
Shaft length:Short

Key Points:

Can be towed at up to 30 knots
Directionally stable
Planes with a 4hp outboard motor

The longitudinal centre thwart gives an optimum rowing position regardless of height.

The Pioner 8 Mini can easily accommodate two adults.

The dinghy has excellent directional stability for rowing, which makes it the ideal boat for use as a yacht tender or as a safe runabout for children.

Standard Features

Drain plug

ID: 1456

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