Topper Buzz

Buzz is fast, fun and forgiving. Designer Ian Howlett strived to achieve a huge ‘grin factor’ and the Buzz delivers! It is really an outright racer.
Yet Buzz is so simple to rig and sail that it is accessible to allcomers. Buzz has fun and excitement built into every inch of her ultra-modern and glamorous 14 feet (4.20m). It is the ultimate trainer for the young and not so young to develop their asymmetric and trapezing techniques. Sailing the Buzz is pure simplicity. Pure joy. It has rapidly gained converts in clubs up and down the country. Ideal for young entrants into performance sailing, it is also attracting many couples to the ever growing class fleets.


Lenght:4.20 m
Beam:1.92 m
Sail Area:
Main Sail Area:8.85 sq m
Jib Sail Area:4.00 sq m
Spin Sail Area:17.40 sq m
Hull Weight:80kg
Pole extension:1.60 m
PN (provisional):1007
Rudder Lifting:


Buzz, with its stylishly contoured gunwales, single trapeze, fully battened Mylar rig, asymmetric spinnaker and the legendary White Formula build quality is a package that provides an incredible level of raw performance per pound.

It really is a bouncing baby skiff, delivering the dazzling excitement and thrills of trapezed asymmetric spinnaker sailing whilst remaining remarkably manageable.
Without the spinnaker and trapeze Buzz can be sailed ‘just for fun’. And is fast becoming the definitive asymmetric dinghy in holiday centres and sailing schools both in the UK and abroad. GET BUZZING!

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