Mojo 2.5
Bringing inspiration and innovation to value performance wake boating, the Mojo 2.5 wide-bow boat is an experience in wakes, handling, ride, reliability and fun. This 22-foot 6-inch wake rider's dream rolls off the production line with a boat-load of standard features and more wake sport performance than its price class can handle. A definite departure from the “me too” pickle fork trend in wakeboard boat design, this new Moomba gives value performance buyers a safe, deep, wide bow in addition to extreme functionality. Simply comfortable interior design compliments the functional nature of the boat with new snap-out carpet covering an, easily maintained, all fiberglass floor. This unique boat design is pushed by the torquey Indmar Assault™ 330 horse power engine, perfect to pull all levels of riders. Beginner to pro will flip for the Moomba Multisport Wakeplate, Digital Pro speed control, the available 1250-pound Gravity III ballast system and the new optional Surf+ wakesurfing platform. Visit your local Moomba Dealer and put some more pop in your lake life with the Mojo 2.5. Don’t underestimate the Mojo.

RIP IT UP, LIVE IT UP, SWITCH IT UP Start with one of the best-selling and most versatile performance towboats of all time, the X10. Take what’s greatest from it, update everything with the latest—and you have our newest addition to MasterCraft’s crossover-first XT series, the XT21. Classic styling and a midsize length right in the sweet spot meet cutting-edge performance across every sport. There’s room for 14 to wakeboard, surf, ski, tube and cruise all day, all summer. Have it all in the XT21.

CLASS AND ACTION Craftsmanship like this has never been present in a tow boat, hands down. With high-luxury materials and highly thoughtful design details, the impressively imposing X26 is premium at every inch of fit and finish. At 26 feet long, there's room to bring everyone and with available extras like a head and a refrigerator, there's no reason not to stay on the water all day long. LARGE ON LUXURY, ALL-DAY CRUISING

THE BIG LEAGUES Get into something bigger. The X46 is the large-living, heavy-hitting wake surf boat that started it all. There are massive, comfortable lounges on board with room to make your guest list long. The 24-foot hull easily cuts through the water to keep it fun on board while you serve up surf to keep it fun out back. MORE ROOM TO SURF, WAKEBOARD AND CRUISE

CLEAN-UP HITTER The X23 rolls out the longest and most customizable surf wave in the industry. With 3000 pounds of ballast and a super deep hull, it's a clean-up set every time out. Show up for the wave, stay for the 23 feet of spacious on-water living for 15 with storage to spare and a unique, perspective-shifting sundeck. Serve it up and carve it up. MASSIVE SURF WAVE PLUS WAKEBOARDING

FIRST IN SURF The X20 is our first boat designed from day one to carve out the surf wave you've dreamed about. A new hull shape, the award-winning Gen 2 Surf System and 2000 pounds of ballast all come together in a fun-to-drive compact 20-footer - with all the creature comforts you expect - to make an endless wave fit for those endless summer days. SURF-CENTRIC PLUS WAKEBOARDING

WORLD'S FINEST WAKE Head-turning looks: check. The storage and comfort you need for all-day wakeboarding sessions: check. Bonus wakesurf capabilities: check. And most importantly - the world's finest wake: double check. The XStar is wakeboarding in its most distilled, most awesome form. PRO-LEVEL WAKES AND SURF WAVES

NXT20 Global Edition
STORM THE SHALLOWS Start with everything that makes the standard NXT20 so strong: one of the best crossover hulls ever shaped, legendary MasterCraft quality and head-turning looks. Then add a new coastal deck layout and the power, speed and shallow water capabilities of an outboard and you have the coast-conquering NXT20 Global Edition.

CRUSH THE COMPROMISES Serving up just as much attainability as it does awesomeness, the NXT20 is equal parts fun and affordable. At 20 feet, its sharp looks go with sharp turns and a garage-friendly size. Hop in and get ready for summer days packed with wakeboarding, surfing, skiing and tubing.

SeaDoo Speedster Wake
What goes up doesn't always come down. Just ask any wakeboarder who rides behind the new Speedster Wake. Fitted with a 600-lb. (272-kg) ballast tank and a seven-foot tow point above the water for extreme altitude. And a 310 HP or 430 HP power pack option that creates a serious launching pad. It not only defies description - it defies gravity.

Flyer 8 Sundeck
The Flyer 8 SUNdeck exceeds regular day boat standards by combining comfort, generous space and sensations. Its highly optimized design makes it the ideal boat for a weekend getaway. A decent-sized cabin lies beneath a large sunbathing area for lazing in the sun.

Nautique Crossover 236
For recreational skiing and big air, Correct Craft introduces the Crossover 236. With seating for 14 and storage for up to nine wakeboards, the 236 is designed to be flexible. That allows you to enjoy a host of water sports including tubing, kneeboarding, water skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding or just a comfortable cruise. The 236 offers more interior room than any other Nautique in the current line up. It also features a convenient walk thru transom with an optional filler cushion that converts the area to an expansive sun lounge. Other notable options include a rigid air dam with latchable door, removable / reversible bench seat, and a removable side mount table with a storage docking station under the loveseat.

Air Nautique SV-211
Built to do it all! Dad wants a soft wake so he can ski a set on the slalom course. Junior wants it rampy so he can go big on his front flip. You want to do it all, and the Air Nautique SV-211 Team Edition has it all. It's the ultimate in crossover technology, with no compromises, and no competition. The Air Nautique SV-211 has everything you need to ski, wakeboard, wake surf, kneeboard, tube and stay on the water all day in comfort. The secret lies in a unique feature called the Hydro-Gate(tm). This clever SportShift(tm) system allows you to change the wake signature of the SV-211, so you can adjust the size of the wake on the fly right from the cockpit. When it's time to switch from skiing to wakeboarding, hook onto the patented Flight Control Tower, add up to 730 pounds of ballast and it's big air time.

Air Nautique 226
If you want to go big - in the size of your wake and the number of friends you can invite - step inside the Air Nautique 226. It's all big, with seating for 12, a 100qt, cooler, 65 cu ft of storage and, best of all 900lbs, of ballast to create the sickest wake on the water. Even at full capacity with passengers, gear and ballast, the Air 226 jumps on plane. So fill up the ballast tanks and start churning up the biggest wakes in wakeboarding. From it's comfy bow seating to it's walk-thru transom and step down boarding platform, the Air Nautique 226 is ready to take you to new heights in boating.

Super Air Nautique 220
While the competition is still trying to figure out how we do it, we did it again. Introducing the Super Air Nautique 220. This is the mother of all wakeboard boats. Hardcore in every detail, the 220 creates a long, firm, rampy wake that supports even the most aggressive riders. Attention to detail is everywhere. The tower has beefier pipes, more headroom and lots of bling. Seats with transforming lean backs provide up to seven comfortable aft-facing seats. New and innovative ideas in storage can only be described as cavernous, while a new hull and deck design gives the 220 more interior space than a competitors 24 footer. Fit and finish are impeccable. Chamfered ballast tanks provide easier board storage. Get in, then get behind the incredible Super Air Nautique 220. It transforms everything.

Air Nautique 210
From a 'Switch off Axis' to a 'Pete Rose 540' to the elusive 'Ten-Eighty'. Wakeboarders are always pushing the envelope on the water. And that's one big reason so many insist on doing it behind the Air Nautique 210. It is 'the' big air boat. It's got the steak: Flight Control Tower and 850 pounds of ballast for peaky wakes with lips that kick. And it's got the sizzle with a 375 horsepower PCM engine. And the team package with perfect pass, keyless ignition, 320 watt amp pushing a 10 inch polk/momo subwoofer, flight clips, a composite boarding platform and more, and you've got the single best hardcore wakeboard boat on the planet.

Tigé Z3 Transworld Edition
Tige Boats has joined forces with TransWorld WAKEBOARDING to create a special edition of its all-new flagship Z3. The brand-new TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Tige Z3 is the new official boat of the world’s leading wakeboarding magazine and the most customized boat Tige has ever created. The TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Z3 starts with the foundation of Tigé’s best wakeboard boat and takes it to the next level with all of Tigé’s top features as well as a host of custom touches. The TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Z3 features Tige’s biggest-ever ballast system — a 2,300-pound setup that combines with the ConvexV hull and Taps2 system to shape Tigé’s premiere wakes for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing. It’s also outfitted with two of TransWorld WAKEBOARDING’s favorite features for 2012 — the new Clamp 4RCE board racks and View 4RCE 180 mirror. The state-of-the-art racks are the best TransWorld WAKEBOARDING editors have ever tested, while the one-of-a-kind mirror delivers panoramic views of all the action in the boat. The new TransWorld WAKEBOARDING Tigé Z3 is available in your choice of three custom wraps designed by boat wrap guru Josh Sirlin. Each distinctive wrap is complimented by a host of unique touches, from the black metallic Alpha Z tower and Wet Sounds tower speakers to the TransWorld WAKEBOARDING-branded non-skid swim platform. The special edition is just as unique inside. With its new convertible sunpad and sleek new steering wheel and throttle knob, the interior of the Z3 was already among the best of any wake boat, but Tigé designers upped the ante with a slew of singular features. The co-branded Poseidon Mat is as easy on the eyes as it is on your passengers feet, while the custom-colored Medallion gauges and vinyl accents add dashes of bold sophistication. — TransWorld WAKEBOARDING

Tigé 20i
The Tigé 20i shakes up the traditional ski boat with sleek styling and an ultra precise wake. One touch calls up incredibly faint, clean wakes that have hooked some of the world’s best pro skiers. Tigé 20i matches the action with a deeper, drier ride and plush creature comforts not usually found in a serious slalom boat.

Tigé 22i
The most compact Tigé, the 22i offers nimble-turning excitement at a friendly price point. Pack in your gear and go, go, go. Spread out with plenty of legroom as you watch your friends shred and ski from an innovative rear seating platform. Tigé 22i combines precise, direct–drive handling with the best wakeboarding performance of any mid–engine inboard available today.

Tigé R20
The R20, with its legendary Tigé craftsmanship and remarkable performance, offers you everything Tigé is known for, priced to achieve the ownership dream. From your first time up on a wakeboard, to boosting huge air on your surfboard, you’ll have the outstanding inboard performance you need to support your ever-growing skill level.

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