VanDutch 55
VANDUTCH 55 The luxurious VanDutch 55 is a landmark model in the company’s legacy. Its distinctive profile is reminiscent of the original VanDutch 40, including the unmistakable vertical bow and minimalistic deck lines, but with enhanced volume and interior capacity from its 16.48-metre (55-feet) length. Naval architecture from Frank Mulder ensures the VanDutch 55 stakes its claim as one of the best performing, most cutting-edge motor boats in its size range. On the foredeck, vast sunbathing and lounging areas are available, while the cockpit enjoys expanded dining spaces and an electric Bimini. Below deck, the VanDutch 55 provides accommodation for up to six guests, making it a fantastic boat for longer-range coastal cruising and the flagship in the VanDutch family.

VanDutch 40 WA
VANDUTCH 40 WA An evolution of our original design, the VanDutch 40 Walk Around (WA) offers an enhanced cockpit layout to improve flow of movement to the foredeck, delivering additional seating and lounging spaces. Building on the Dutch savoir-faire of Frank Mulder’s design, the VanDutch 40 WA is instantly recognisable as a member of our family of powerful and stylish boats, but with enhanced features. Whether you are looking for a practical superyacht tender or a versatile family day boat, the VanDutch 40 WA is a superb choice. Featuring a generous queen-size V-cabin like the original VanDutch 40, the Walk Around model is a multipurpose boat that does not skimp on style or performance.

Sealine C530
GREAT DESIGNERS CREATED YOUR C530. BE ONE OF THEM. There are countless ways to kit out the interior of your yacht. No matter what materials you choose: Quality will always be first class. Carefully selected fabrics, exquisite floorings and a wide range of well-balanced colours create an ambience you’ll enjoy anew every day

Sealine C430
GERMAN PRECISION AND PASSION FOR THE SEA. THAT’S WHAT A SEALINE IS MADE OF In 2013, the Sealine brand found a worthy new home on the German Baltic coast. At our shipyard in Greifswald, we have perfected the interplay between state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and skilled employees. The outstanding people in our team perform their work with enormous experience, a deep understanding of the customer and great dedication. In addition, we are thrilled to cooperate with our British partner Bill Dixon. Working closely with our concept design team, the award-winning naval architect is creating a new range of innovative Sealine models. Above all, we believe that what holds true for the experienced boater, also holds true for us as boat builders. Beyond the individual skill, there is something which genuinely binds all of us at Sealine: A great passion for the sea.

Sealine C390
PLEASURE AND PERFORMANCE HAVE A NEW HOME: THE SEALINE C390 Taking it in your hands, feeling the joy of driving. Giving yourself more in life. More panoramic views. More sunlight. More freedom. This intensive way of living is embodied by a spectacular yacht: the Sealine C390. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and the large skylight mesmerise the senses with every experience. A design that presents to you all the beauty of the sea – and puts others in its wake.

Yachts 370CC
A rare combination of luxury and superior performance in a power boat. EdgeWater is proud to introduce the exciting new 370CC. Built using Single-Piece Infusion, or SPI, enabled us to create a lighter, more efficient, more environmentally sensitive power boat. Interior cabin loaded with everything one would need for a couple’s getaway. Designed for fishing, entertaining, and cruising. The 370 is in class of its own and will satisfy the most discerning owner.

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