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Beaulieu 30

You are about to view the entry into our luxurious 30ft UK/Euro long-range river cruiser. As you enter the main cabin from the cockpit, immediately to your left you will find a bathroom with more space than some boats twice its size. Step inside, look up, a panoramic electric sunroof as standard. To your right, the galley with all the latest equipment; an oven with built-in grill and microwave, draw style fridge freezer, a stylish modern sink and to top it off an induction hob.

Move forward… to your right, the biggest and best smart TV in this class of boat, Bluetooth ready stereo system, both prepared to be linked to your smartphone for seamless movie and music play. Take a seat opposite the media zone and you will find the most relaxing of seating areas, with dual size chaise longue ready for two! In the bow, you will find a comfortable dining area for six. At night this converts in the most innovative of ways to a sumptuous main cabin bed. But one thing you may have missed on your way in is the cozy 2nd cabin or use for the biggest storage space you could ever want. Also hidden away out of your immediate sight, you will find a heating system included as standard. Lift the cushions, open doors, you will find storage space beyond your needs.

With Beaulieu Boats, technology is everywhere. Look around you, LED lighting is abundant, main lights, mood lights, even pathway lights that come on automatically when you get up to the toilet! Built-in Wi-Fi is available in two options, either via ‘hotspot’ from your smartphone, or ready for a separate data sim… but both versions will give all guests one point of access for all devices. Of course, your smart TV will be automatically connected, by the factory, so it’s ready for your enjoyment. On final handover day, our staff will ensure your smartphone, with all your music, video’s, pictures and movies are all seamlessly connected and training will be provided. Out of sight and out of mind, you will not have realized that all low power consuming equipment is being supplied with free electricity! We include two large solar panels built into the cockpit roof, with backup battery systems that will run all of the connected items, throughout the night if need be.

Images Beaulieu 30

Our goal was to combine the undoubtedly higher quality, standards and design of seagoing vessels, and bring this to the river and estuary. The two main Directors bring clear advantages to Beaulieu Boats, one has a long knowledge in owning Sunseeker and Fairline craft, and brings an aspiration to build all Beaulieu Boats with the same exacting quality standards. The other started his career with Sealine and worked through all build departments, from the shop floor to project management. His skills bring Sealine’s long tradition of open space and innovative ideas to every one of our boats.

We are based in Bewdley, previously known as Beaulieu, and close to the original home of Sealine in Kidderminster. All of our workforces have spent most or all of their career’s either in the boat industry or primarily within the old Sealine company. Sealine had an amazing track record in the British boating industry for over 40 years, until their purchase by Hanse Yachts AG of Germany in 2013, at which time production was moved out of the UK. Our aim is to gain as much of these hundreds of years, of peoples experience and knowledge, and bring it to Beaulieu Boats, whenever possible, as our growth expands. Then by combining their skills with our focus on the absolute highest quality standards, every boat we produce will not only be the ‘Best in Class’, we intend to take the bar, out of the reach of our competitors.

Let’s go back to the cockpit and helm… here you will find quality and innovation more apparent than anywhere else. The sleek three section glazed cockpit roof with in-built solar panels is not just a masterpiece of beauty and technology, it’s also the most versatile of convertible roofs on the market. One person can convert the cockpit area and reduce the entire boat ‘air draft’ from 8'4" to 7’ 1’’ 2 minutes. The helm is beyond compare in its class, with information, navigation and controls fitted just the way they should be… the right controls, in the right place to do the right thing, designed by people who drive boats, not by architects. The rear seat converts to a rear-facing dinette area, perfect for a picnic or evening drink as the sun sets. Adjacent is a relaxing chaise lounge as standard, or take the option of fridge, BBQ and sink and this area is more designer patio than the cockpit.

Look over our hull and deck from any angle, we spent many long nights ensuring every line and section was as good as it could be. Even the underside of the rear bathing platform has been designed with sleek lines and beauty. Cleats are oversized, teak effect decking to the cockpit is standard, all of our stainless steel rails are of the highest quality British steel. In various places, you will find highlights of carbon fiber style panels. All windows are bonded frameless units, to give the highest amount of view out and light in. We have also installed and included an oversized 125mm bow thruster.

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