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Diesel - Inboard Options

A Diesel inboard engine is an option on Craft of 7 m and above.

The Yanmar 150 Hp motor is ideally suited to a craft that needs substantial range and where the cost of the craft is an important issue.

Diesel craft are not for all users even the amazing value 150 hp Yanmar when fitted to a Rib with all the necessary housing, bilge pumps, fuel filters, steering, twin batteries and so on all adds up to make a costly craft compared to an equivalent Outboard Package. Diesels also require that the service schedules be adherred to strictly where as with an outboard you can "get away with" not sticking to the service schedule. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH A DIESEL !

Unlike outboards they will also not tolerate prolonged high RPM useage so they must be used within a sensible operating RPM range.

Given those limitations if a diesel is what you need then the XS range offer excellent build quality and superb value.

When specifying a craft you need to pay particular attention to the weight of the engine, many of the larger (240 Hp +) 4-5-6 cylinder engines are simply too heavy for a 7 m craft.

Diesel Ribs fall in to classes really, 7 m craft with lightweight motors like the Yanmar etc and then 8 m + craft with more "standard" 250 hp + diesel engines from Yanmar.

Engine Hatch Stay:

All our diesel have a no nonesense, easy to use and robust engine lid support stay.

this craft was fitted with the V8 Yanmar diesel

Deck Well and Bilge Pumps:

To all our diesel craft we fit an on deck bilge pump in a well + an automatic unit UNDER the engine in the event of water penetrating the sealed engine bay.

The bilge pump is then HARD PLUMBED back through the engine bay and out the transom.

Dash Detail:

Most diesel engines come with a pre formed instrument panel that contains all the engine gauges / functions. In the case of the Mercruiser we add an emergency kill switch and a fuel gauge.

There are various tank options of 110-170-300-500 = Litres. You can also the fire extinguisher supplied as standard on all diesels fitted to the dash. The crew handle is also standard on the side by side console.

This craft was fitted with 4 Ullman Suspension seats

Twin Bailer Tubes:

All diesel craft have twin bailer tubes that drain the deck. In this picture you can see the engine hatch catches, these lock the engine top down securely.

We fit substantial handles to the engine bay lid

Twin Batteries:

We fit twin batteries to all diesel craft, one supplies starting power the other drives all the ancillaries.

Here you can see one of them, for weight distribution the other is sited on the starboard side of the bay.

Console Option:

There are a wide range of console options for all diesel craft, from simple stand at single consoles through to full cabin versions. Shown here is the Sport Console with optional front cabin.


This craft has the V 8 Yanmar Diesel and you can see that the weight of the motor and drive are easily supported by the immense buoyancy that the XS 850 has.

This gives a boat stable at rest and at speed.

High Line Engine Cowl:

Some engine options will require the HIGH LINE Engine cowl and other clients opt for this to improve storage capacity in their engine compartment.

The Type of engine cowl has to be specified at order.

Fuel Filter and Under Deck Loom:

A strange angle !! But this is the inside of ther front engine wall, here we fit a seperating fuel filter and you can also see the under deck loom.

The battery change over switch is sited here and again all cabling is clipped in place and there is easy access for maintenance to the engine.

For those that know about these things you can see how massive the engine beds are. The feet are tapped in to 12 mm steel plates bedded in to the hull.

High Engine Wall:

The real issue that can stop a diesel is being swamped. If you do get completely swamped with a full width front wall to the engine compartment and vents at the top of the tube line you can keep going and bail succesfully.

The engine hatch has a substantial support stay and the whole compartment is well vented.

The black fitting between the vents is to allow a fire extinguisher to be discharged in to the engine bay (If necessary !!) There is also a manula bilge pump mounted on the engine wall and a substantial well cover.

We offer 2 options of engine bay HIGH LINE and LOW LINE, shown here is the LOW LINE at the foot of the page is the HIGH LINE OPTION

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