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XS 750

The XS 750, like its larger cousin the XS 850, has a high sheer bow and deep V hull, the substantial internal freeboard makes this a boat you are sitting "in" rather than "on" ! Suitable for single or twin engines this is true go anywhere Rib.

There are several console and tank options, if the craft has the LONG RANGE console fitted fuel capacity of 760 Litres can be achieved and this larger console offers substantial protection from the elements (Enhanced further by the optional windcreen / top frame / sun / rain top)


Length Overall:7.50 m
Internal Length:6.3m
Beam:2.90 m
Internal Beam:1.9m
Draft:50 cm
Tube Diameter:50cm
Number of chambers:7
Max Wieght of Motor:450 kgs
Payload:12 Persons +
Top / Cruise Speed:
Hull Material:
Fuel Tanks:300Ltrs

Features / Options

This console offer substantial protection, upto 760 L fuel capacity and / or substantal storage. We offer a range of windscreens and sun/rain tops to work with this unit.

2.9 m beam gives you a lot of potential for seating layouts, shown here with a side by side double console and 4 single jockey seats.
The useable deck space in this craft is impressive, as is the room for an auxillary straight on the transom and/or a ladder over the transom if you do not want a frame mounted ladder.
Blue and Orange is a colour scheme that does work very well !

Full Width Locker
Shown here with a 2" ski tow frame fitted with aerials and a radar reflector this locker provides substantial support to the transom which may be required in some of the larger engine installations.
It houses batteries and oil tanks plus creates a well for any wash over the transom to flow straight back out to sea. This rear locker can also incorporate a seat on to the front of it, or as in this craft a rail that is useful to tie diving bottles back to.

The hull grips the water well and the craft has impressive handling.
The high bow punches through even the roughest of seas and the substantial spray rails soften the ride.

The high sheer bow, deep V hull and substantial spray rails all go to give this craft a superb ride !

Stability and Freeboard
At rest the freeboard is substantial at the transom and with the tubes just touching the water the craft is stable.

Console Layouts
GPS systems are getting bigger !! Shown here with the latest Navman unit the console accomodates all that you need on a craft, GPS/Map/Plotter/Sounder, VHF, FM Hi-Fi, Compass and a VERY nice stainless steel glove box !!

Transom Layout
Shown here is the loom exit from the full width transom locker and how we site the fuel filter.
You can also see how the well is formed by the locker top and the drain holes that allow water to flow out.
In full width lockers the frame fixes to the locker top and the transom.

Useable Deck Space
The 2.9 m beam gives room for the seating in a way that the passengers are not all rubbing shoulders yet you can still freely move around the craft, even past the console.
This is a boat for working from and for big days out with lots of people and kit !

Deck Lockers
The Double Deck locker is Very popular in the larger craft as it gives a huge amount of room to store equipment, it makes the bow area useable when at rest and offers an excellent boarding platform in the bow.
This craft has the locker door to the rear wall, a bollard to the top and the bow roller fairlead.

Long Range Console with Custom Design Screen
Here in a finsihed boat you can see the possibility for custom design of the metal work and layout of the craft.

Custom Build A Frame
Shown here is a custom build A frame, these can be VERY COSTLY but anything is possible re design and features, this one is made in 2.5" tube hence the "robust look" it has !

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