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The XS-650 can take a single motor of 200 or twin 90 hp units.


Length Overall:6.50 m
Internal Length:5.2m
Beam:2.60 m
Internal Beam:1.6m
Draft:50 cm
Tube Diameter:50cm
Number of chambers:5
Max Wieght of Motor:360 kgs
Payload:1500 kgs/12 Persons
Top / Cruise Speed:50/25 Kts
Hull Material:Fibreglass
Displacement in Tons:0.56
Fuel Tanks:110 Ltrs

Features & Options

Single Jockey Console, back rest and 2 x hatches
Storage for 25 L outboard tank & battery compartment.
No Feed Back mechanical steering to suit single motor with padded steering wheel
Fibreglass non slip floor
In deck bow locker with hatch, cleat and eye bolt
Tube top protection patches
D section rubbing strake to tube
External looped lifelines on tubes
5 compartment collar
Stainless steel bow eye, 2 x stainless steel transom U bolts
Rear deck well
Drain trunk

The XS - DELUXE has all the standard equipment that the XS - VALUE comes with plus the following.
Internal 110 L fuel tank with digital gauge, sender & remote filler
Upgrade to hydraulic steering
Under deck loom
Bow open Rubber guide chanel
S/S rail to console front
4 Rubber cleat handles on tubes

The jockey seat and back rest are designed to make prolonged driving of the craft very comfortable. A substantial back rest and seat cushion are ergonomically designed in to the moulding of the console. The steering and controls being positioned in the optimum place for comfort of use.
This attention to detail in the comfort of the craft is applied to all our other seating and console units.

As standard the craft are finished with a substantial D section fender, and tube top patches. Shown here is the optional extra flat strakes above and below the standard D Section.
A wide range of fabric upgrades, extra cladding, rubbing strakes etc are available.

Supplied as standard with 4 tube mounted rubber handles, external lifelines, console hand rail and substantial back rest safety is paramount in the build of the craft. Additional cladding, handles and lifelines can be added if required.

We offer a range of side by side consoles with several options of single and double jockey seats or bench seats.
Seen here is the Raised Bow locker / seat

A unique design of under deck loom that exits in to the rear well keeps cabling off the deck, avoids the unsightly fountain of cables coming out of the deck seen in many other craft and because of the design the hull remains sealed with virtually no water getting in. Seen here is a gaiter to cover the exit, not standard unless you ask for it, a bilge pump, an engine bolt lock, hydraulic steering ram, drainable Racal type fuel filter, the drain trunk and draw cord to operate it.

The under deck loom and the rear well keep a twin engine installation very neat.
Seen here are twin 90 s with hydraulic steering, fuel filters, outboard locks, double stainless steel A frame and there is still plenty of room !

The full width transom locker allows fot storage of batteries and oil tanks as well as preventing water that comes over the transom going on to the deck of the boat, rather it just flows straight back out to sea.
We offer a wide range on in deck, bow and transom lockers.

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