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Norfolk Oyster

The Norfolk Oyster is a 17' gunter rigged centreboard dayboat, with simulated clinker hull, spruce spars and tan sails. Her simple efficient rig ensures excellent performance under sail in light or strong winds whilst her deep bow and ample freeboard make her immensely seaworthy. Both mainsail and jib have fixed reefing points (2 positions in mainsail, 1 in jib) so that reducing sail is easily accomplished.

A small cut-out in the transom enables an outboard motor to be fitted with ease. When not in use, this can be stowed in chocks in the large forward locker. A 4 or 3.5 HP longshaft engine is recommended. We have found that this provides ample power to make good headway against strong currents.

The separately moulded internal layout is uncluttered and roomy allowing 4 - 6 adults and accompanying children, dogs etc. to be comfortably seated without hampering the efficient sailing of the boat. A cambered lowered foredeck houses 2 large lockers (one for the outboard engine) which have separately moulded bins and watertight lids to ensure that picnic, spare clothes etc. remain dry.

Sealed compartments under the cambered side benches ensure that the boat is positively buoyant in the unlikely event of her flooding. Teak slats are fitted over the seating to provide an especially safe non-slip surface. This complements the larch sole boards and wide teak capping over the centreboard case.

The boat can be rowed - a useful ability in calm weather.


Length:16'10" ( 5.18m)
Beam:6'2" (1.86m)
Draft:10"/3'10" (0.26m/1.18m)
Sail Area:149 sq ft (13.8 sq m)
Weight of boat (including all equipment):675kgs
Trailing weight:935kgs


All Norfolk Oysters come with the following as standard:
built-in buoyancy
2 large watertight forward lockers (with provision for outboard engine stowage) with brass hinged GRP watertight lids
spruce spars (mast/boom/gaff)
tan terylene mainsail and jib with slab reefing
all running and standing rigging in best quality s/s wire and pre-stretched polyester rope
bilge pump
bronze stem head fitting
bronze outboard motor bracket
3 mooring cleats and fairleads
Teak rudder with lifting blade
Ash tiller
Galvanised centreboard with winch
Larch sole boards
Sturdy teak seat over centreboard case
Teak rubbing strake
Outboard drain for seating and decks
Galvanised tabernacle for easy mast lowering
Non-slip surfaces on all deck areas
Comprehensive Owners Manual with detailed sketches covering rigging, sailing and maintenance

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