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Walker Bay 340 Super Tender

The 340 Super Tender offers exceptional comfort in a hull that is 50% larger than the smaller 285. The large cockpit area on all Super Tender models boasts internal seating that is supported by the hull. This means that rather than passengers sitting on a tube or on a thwart secured to a tube, passengers may sit inside the boat facing forward, ultimately enjoying a safer, drier, smoother ride. As well, the increased beam of the Super Tender RID means there is more room for comfortable seating.


Model:340 ST
Max HP Rating:15 hp
USCG - Max Load:652 lbs


# 6 chamber tube (Extra Safety)
# One piece High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) hull
# Larger volume 33cm/13" Diameter tubes
# Available in 1100 Decitex PVC (340ST) or Hypalon (340STH) material
# 3 layer reinforced seams
# 4 easy carry handles
# Stainless steel davit lifting eyes
# Wheel in the Keel™
# Fully integrated oar system
# Removable non-skid cockpit floor
# Fiber reinforced motor mounting plates
# Hydrodynamic Trim Tabs
# Seat Cushions
# 4 heavy duty stainless steel handrails
# Mooring cleats
# Dry storage compartments
# Bow storage bag

No sailing option available
Long shaft outboard recommended

ID: 755

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