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Hallmark PWC Super Roller

When you want to get out onto the water as fast as possible then this is the model for you. The roller system, allows you to reverse to the waters' edge, then one push and you're launched. Recovery is equally fast - manoeuvre the bows into the cradle, attach the winch strap and simply wind her on board. Even the jockey wheel is pneumatic so the trailer can be more easily pushed over sandy surfaces!

As well as making launch and recovery so fast, the roller system gentle cradles your PCW whilst on the move, supporting the hull in several places so that the load is evenly spread. Add to this the smo ' oth towing provided by the SoftRide suspension and you can see that your valuable craft is well protected.

Of course, an attractive rig can attract the wrong sort of attention, which is why the Super Roller features a TripleLock Coupling Head. This patented unit, automatically locks when both on or off the towing vehicle and has proved an extremely effective deterrent to theft. The Super Roller can accommodate most makes of two, three or four seat craft.

Jockey Wheel
Lighting Board
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