Byte CII

The Byte trainer is beautifully built in GRP using a foam sandwich construction and weighs just 45.5KG. The high boom position enables the dagger board to be raised almost fully for easier launching and recovery. The mainsheet is sheeted from the centre of the cockpit directly to the mid-boom position so it doesn't catch on the transom which is a particular advantage especially when gybing downwind. The cockpit is large and self drains quickly, the high boom is a distinct advantage for taller sailors.
The Byte has a Dacron sail and aluminium two part mast, it is suitable for training or racing and can be enjoyed by one or two people for leisurely cruising. The Byte is best suited to mid-weight sailors, Manoeuvring the boat on the trolley or around the dinghy park is very easy due to it's light weight.


Length Overall:3.60m
Max. Capacity:2 People

Byte CII Construction:

ID: 6145

Byte CII Dealers:

Hartley Boats Ltd
1 Parcel Terrace, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 1LY, UK
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