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Joystick technology is the latest enhancement to controlling your vessel. The system incorporates the use of a joystick to make your all-around boating experience more enjoyable. Gone are the days of having to try to fight the wind and current without success. Joystick control allows you to instantly become an expert at docking your boat in all environments and circumstances. Simply move the joystick in the direction that you want the boat to move and it goes there. It is that easy!

Welcome to total vessel control

Mercury offers everything you need to rig your boat from the foundation components of steering, cables and displays to accessories such as sensors, steering wheels and keys. Whether it’s mechanical, hydraulic or power steering, throttle and shift cables, or mechanical or Digital Throttle and Shift controls, Mercury has you covered. Our selection of gauges and displays span from basic analog to the popular SmartCraft family of SC1000, System Monitor, MercMonitor and VesselView displays.
We’re committed to innovation and making boating easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we’re so proud to be the first and only recreational marine manufacturer to offer a complete line of joystick piloting systems, which include Joystick Piloting for Outboards, Axius Joystick Piloting for sterndrives and Zeus Joystick Piloting for pod drives. That same dedication to innovation has brought you accessory options such as MP Alert and the Theft Deterrent System.
Plus, when you package our rigging products with your Mercury engine you get our Engine Matched Warranty coverage, which extends your engine warranty to the controls and rigging components of your boat.

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