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Dufour Grand Large 382

The naval architecture has been developed by Felci Yacht as a guarantee of the latest innovation in the hull form and appendages design combined with rig design layout that aim to maximize comfort on board with a well-balanced yacht in all sailing conditions.

The rig layout shows a very high aspect ratio to have the maximum sail lift and efficiency with a self-tacking jib and a full batten mainsail. The deck plan is also optimized to fit two longitudinal rails in order, for the more performance driven customers, to have a 108% genoa with extra sail area.

The boom is inclined forward like on all the Dufour Grand Large to have an easier access at the boom gooseneck area as well as having the extra sail area which is a must in the Dufour DNA.

The deck plan has beed designed carefully following the 365, 375 and 380 clients’ suggestions to better suit their needs and their experience on board.

The cockpit is 10 cm longer than the previous 380 as well as the helmsman area to improve the interference with the backstay, a fixed bowsprit is going to be available as optional to fit code 0 or similar sail to keep sailing a pleasure without too much effort.


Length overall :11.23 m
Hull length :10.96 m
Length waterline :9.90 m
Max beam :3.85 m
Displacement :7.060 kg
Draft :1.90 m (1.60 opt.)
Keel weight:1.550 kg
Water capacity :360 L
Fuel tank capacity :200 L
Engine :30 cv (40 opt.)
Sail area:67 m2 (up) / 117 m2 (down)

Dufour Grand Large 382 interior:

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