Corsiva Classic 570

Corsiva 570 Classic is a richly equipped boat at an attractive price. The round sofa on the bow section is intended for 5 adults, is equipped with several stowage lockers underneath and a dry toilet, mounted even in the standard version. You can drop in a shapely, practical table or a spacious sundeck. On the stern section there is a comfortable and deep seat with a high back. The outboard engine is cleverly mounted in a engine well, giving the look of a higher value vessel. On the engine cover there is an additional, very convenient sundeck. The Corsiva 570 Classic is a very manoeuvrable boat and it is very simple to use. The colour of the hull and other elements of equipment can be selected on customer’s request.


Length:570 cm
Beam:220 cm
Weight:450 kg
Capacity Persons:5
Engine HP:20 HP
Draft:0,40 cm
ID: 5111

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