S2C 59

SXC 59 – a new yacht aimed at tourism

Swiss Catamaran Concept’s design team currently works on a project of
yacht specifically conceived for the charter market.

Larger than the traditional S2C’s and built with conventional methods, this 59’ charter-cruising catamaran can accommodate up to ten guests in five luxurious twin rooms. It will be sailed by a crew of 2-3 people, who will have their own specific cabin.

The SXC 59 aims to be an excellent charter yacht, comfortable and specifically designed for this purpose, with «hotel room» cabins equipped with a private bathroom and separate shower.


Design:Sébastien Schmidt
Length:18.0 m
Width:9.40 m
Under water clearance (dagger-boards up):1.50 m
Light Displacement:20.0 t
Total Displacement:26.0 t
Mast height :28 m
Main sail:120 m2
Gennoa:91 m2

Swiss Catamaran

ID: 5056

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