Adventure 150

The Adventure is the logical next step after our SOTs, enabling one to move on to a more physical type of kayaking, without difficulty. Its glide and performance is much better than that of a Sit-On-Top and its little skeg at the stern give its good tracking.

Its wide cockpit gives good leg protection and it can be fitted with a spray skirt. Wider than on more sporty types of kayaks, it allows more freedom of movement and allows one to get on and off easily without the fear of staying stuck. On the Adventure, it is therefore easy to get back in after capsizing, after a swim or an under-water diving session.


• Retractable rudder
• Adjustable backrest
• Adjustable footrests
• Two watertight compartments
• Life-lines
• Elasticised straps for carrying equipment

Stable, compact, fast, it has been designed with comfortable volume, and is equipped with large hatches for storage. With the Adventure you can go off on a trip with enough equipment (up to 150 Kg max load) and track fast without necessarily having had lots of practice.

Spray skirt:

Thickness 4mm. Elastic shock cord for perfect seal on to cockpit, one size with waist elastic drawstring, mesh pocket. Suitable for Adventure 150 & Nomad Deck enclosure, or other big cockpit coamings.

Adventure Paddle Takedown 2 parts:

Asymmetric paddle that generates more power for more advanced kayakers, for Sit-in, Sit-on-top and for longer distance adventure kayaking. Very stable and light weight, ideal for taking you to another level, an excellent motor at a great price for the more demanding enthusiast.

Blade material: fiberglass
Shaft: fiberglass 29.5mm
Weight: 0.95kg / 2.09lbs
Length: 2.20m
Pin lock system

ID: 4362

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