Fast and all decked-out!

Solo leisure paddling

The new Santiago fits the gap between the Bilbao and the Scapa. Very stable, with excellent glide and high manoeuvrability even at low speed, it's a very versatile kayak for lakes and open sea, and is aimed at people looking for an easy paddling but high performance option. The standard production fittings are perfectly adapted to serious use : an adjustable seat, big adjustable footrests, giving you a high-comfort paddle position. The dry box, front storage locker and wide rear platform mean you can carry everything you need for all your excursions.

Comes equipped with:

• Adjustable footrests
• Adjustable backrest and foam seat
• Large oval-shape hatch at bow
• Stern round-shape hatch, diameter 20cm
• Elastic bungee cords in stern
• Paddle attachments
• Carrying handles on bow, stern and sides
• Knee pads
• Bottle holder
• Self-draining scuppers x 2
• Draining bung x 1

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