Regal Cuddy 3550

When asked about why they own a boat, the number one answer among boaters is, "to hang out and have fun." This might as well be the calling card for the 3550, a boat that is built for exactly this reason. A port refreshment center is equipped with all the necessities: large Corian countertop, a gas grill, a 36-quart igloo cooler and deep sink. The large wrap-around U-shaped seating welcomes up to 10 backsides, plus it features two reclining sun lounges. Until you feel and appreciate the volume of space and the opportunity for entertaining aboard the 3550, you're simply missing the boat.


Lenth W/Extended Platform:10.5 m
Beam:3.4 m
Approx. Dry Weight:5171 KG
Arch:2.1 m
Cockpit Storage:1.8 CU. M
Max. Sleeping width(V Berth):2.3 m
Fuel Capacity:113 L
Maximum Persons Capacity:Yacht Certified CE 9
Sleeping Capacity:2 Adults

Master Building Program Investing in the best.

At Regal, we're not just dedicated to building great boats for our owners. We're also committed to building a core framework of employees who are experienced, educated and invaluable to the end product. To invest in our team, Regal developed the Master Builder Program. Critical to our long-term success are Team Members who have demonstrated mastery in their area of responsibility, and have become actively engaged in the development of others. These select employees not only showcase incredible technical expertise, but also play the role of mentor and coach, imparting the knowledge, skills, ability, attitude, and values of Regal on their fellow workers. This creates a sense of unity and development that few, if any, marine companies can compete with. To see how it happens, let's take a closer look.

Masters of Metal
Two categories, Gold and Platinum, are offered to Team Members who show a deep understanding of the technical aspects in various areas of expertise and who have the aptitude to reach mastery with those skills. Generally, these select employees are considered the "best" in their respective area - be it Assembly, Lamination, Upholstery, Cabinet Shop or Panel/Harness. We also look for a high level of interpersonal behaviors, such as appropriate work habits (attendance, cleanliness, time management, proper use and care of equipment and tools). Additionally, Master Builder candidates exhibit more advanced interpersonal qualities, such as possessing the heart of a servant leader, mentorship, priority setting, decision making, influencing others, a good attitude, and team building.

We also look for a high propensity for self-development. Typically, these are internal and external activities beyond punching a time clock. If you're a Regal Team Member active in things like our softball league, local church, Navigator/Passage maker programs, safety team or any of a number of other opportunities, you're considered "metal material."

The Few, the Proud
There's obviously a lot more course work, daily instruction and interaction than what we've described here, but the bottom line is that Regal is as committed to its employees as they are to the company. We invest where there is not only a need, but a want; where there is not just increased productivity or quality, but increased desire to raise one's level of competence. Today, over 32 Master Builders call Regal Marine home, and the number is growing every year.

Rest assured, your next Regal has been crafted by the delicate and skilled hands of a Master. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Dealer Network 190 Locations one voice.

With nearly 200 locations around the globe, Regal's reach is wide and deep. But as we've expanded around the world in the last 40 years, we've never lost sight of the fact that every single Regal dealer plays the most important role in your relationship with our company.

Whether you interact with Regal in Australia or Austria, you talk to the men and women in charge of delivering on our promise of unequaled customer satisfaction. Behind the scenes, we're continually reviewing opportunities to improve our customer's loyalty and earn the business of others.

But supporting those relationships is just the beginning.

Top-rated boats. Top-rated dealers.
Since the National Marine Manufacturer's Association introduced CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) surveys, our internal team has utilized the data to make improvements in our boats, manufacturing processes and with our dealer network. As a result, Regal is among the top production marine manufacturers, boasting a 93.3 CSI score.

As a whole, Regal's dealer network carries a CSI score of 90.3, which is over two points greater than the industry dealer average (88.21) - a statistic made all the more impressive when you consider that less than 15 percent of all marine dealers have a score above 90. Since the inception of the industry's 5 Star Dealer Certification program, less than eight percent of all industry retailers have become certified. As a percentage, Regal has three times as many certified dealers.

Who would you rather have selling and servicing one of the most expensive items you own - someone committed to your success like a Regal dealer, or someone who doesn't care enough to be the best?


It's our people who make going places possible.
The soul of a company can't be found on a sign on the front door or embedded in a tagline. It's found in the eyes of its people. Since its inception in 1969, Regal has remained family owned and operated by the Kuck family. Over its decorated history, Regal has developed an infectious culture that thrives on teamwork and a firm belief in a common cause to build the world's best boats. This kind of determination cannot be overstated. Our need to contribute something of such great magnitude is paramount. We are dedicated to helping boat owners around the world not just reach their destination, but become a part of an exceptionally better experience. Where other companies may put their faith in technology and systems, Regal places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of those committed to your satisfaction - people whose zest for their profession is surpassed only by their passion for our owners.

Our success begins and ends with family - yours and ours.

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