One of the fastest single handed dinghies without making use of a trapeze or wings, the Supernova combines a sporty performance with exceptional ease, style and comfort. The dagger board does not foul the boom when up. The mainsheet does not catch on the transom. The cockpit is large and genuinely self draining and the boom is high.

Though powerful, the superb mylar sail coupled with a light sealed mast is not so large that it overpowers most helms. The supernova is suitable for average and larger sailors when racing, and can be enjoyed by one or two people when leisurely cruising.


The supernova is now established as a class and its association arranges open meetings and championships for those owners wishing to participate.

Experience with the boat has shown that it is equally at home on the sea or inland. The dagger board creates few problems launching or landing in shallow waters because it is possible to raise it almost completely without fouling the boom. The sealed mast has proved a great success and while the boat can invert it shows much less tendency to do so than most classes. Downwind, the Supernova is unusually stable for a single hander and this combined with little or no tendency to nose dive helps considerably in tricky conditions.


Length Overall:4.3m
Main sail Area:8.0m2
Max, Carrying Capacity:4 People
Mast length:5.6m2

why choose a Supernova ?

High performance.

Super rig.

High boom.

Dual sail controls.

Self draining.

Roomy cockpit.

Very easy to right.

Ball bearing blocks.

Low weight.

Sensational style.

One design.

Sealed mast.


All glass fibre and polyester resin materials with a fully foam sandwich construction, giving maximum stiffness, durability and performance, uni directional glass cloth with a ribbed internal stiffening structure add to making this boat an outstanding performer.


When tested by Yachts & Yachting the report on the Supernova was exceptionallyfavourable describing the boat as steering superbly both up and down wind Supernova's hull form is very efficient even with widely differing loads. It passes through the water with very little full and there is vertually no "hump" to get over when starting the plane. This makes it noticeably smoother than most other types in marginal conditions.

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