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Honda Inflatable - T38-IE2

Heritage: For the past 60 years, Honda has always believed in
approaching new challenges without fear. We believe in setting
standards high and then beating them. It is this challenge that has
given rise to innovative products and technologies. This passion of
innovation means we also always strive to satisfy our customers’
needs, both of today and tomorrow.
Customer focus: We have designed the Honwave inflatable
range with one principle: whatever your requirements or desires,
there is always a reliable, easy to use and easy to transport
Honwave inflatable that meets your needs.


Overall length (cm):376
Overall beam (cm):170
Inner length (cm):262
Inner beam (cm):80
Tube diameter (cm):44
Packing size (cm):122 X 72 X 43
Net weight (kg):48
Max engine power (Hp):25
Max Capacity (People):5
Loaded Weight (kg):950
Chambers:3 + Floor
Required to carry (People):2
ID: 3890

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