Sly 48R

Sly 48R is a regatta boat, easy to manoeuvre, comfortable and highly livable in as a cruiser given its excellent interior spacing and extensive areas free from encumbrance on deck. It is excellent for fast and easy medium-long distance cruises and is both fun and satisfying in IRC and ORC class races.


Length:14.50 m
LWL:12.50 m
Beam:4.20 m
Draft:2.70 m
Reduced draft:2.50 m
Displacement:8.950 kg
Mainsail + Jib:108% 140 m2
Mainsail:80 m2
Jib:60 m2
Asimmetrico:200-260 m2
Engines:55 Hp
Diesel tank:220 Lt


Every detail is optimized in terms of exceptional performance, yet it remains easy to manoeuvre and highly liveable also for cruising: it is more lightweight, has improved rigging and deeper extensions than the Sly 48C.

Sly 48R is the outcome of accurate design by Studio Lostuzzi, a leader in technology and procedures. The result is a yacht produced from top quality materials, applied using state-of-the-art construction techniques for maximum performance and reliability, without compromising quality.

Plans / Tests and trials:

The following trials are carried out before delivery of the yacht:
Engine tests
Engine trials at sea check that the following are in perfect working order:
• Engine
• Hot and cold start
• Oil pressure
• Fuel flow
• Fuel and cooling systems
• Exhaust gas pressure
• Soundproofing
• Vibrations
Electrical panel and system tests
The electric circuits are tested separately to check load and heat dissipation.
Refrigeration system tests
The refrigerator compressor is tested to check for any freon leaks.
The refrigerator compartment is cooled and kept at a low temperature for a sufficient time to test it.
Utilities and hydraulic circuits tests
The following utilities and circuits are tested: Bilge pumps
Pipes from the galley gas cylinder
Fresh water pump
Winches and deck gear tests
The winches and deck gear are load tested to check they function correctly.
The correct operation and sensitivity of the steering is tested at all speeds and in manoeuvres in both forward and reverse.
Maximum and cruise speeds
Speeds are tested at various revs to establish cruise speed and maximum speed.
Mast adjustment is performed both in dock and at sea; the run and extension of the halyards is also tested.

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