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ZAR 75 SuitePlus

Zar 75 is a champion of transformation. It is the more versatile of the range. It is available with two different consoles, “Standard” and “Plus” (the second one with a comfortable fully equipped toilette and shower) and in two different bow living solutions, the “Suite” version having a U-shaped dinette. Four options, four unique models: Standard, Standard Plus, Suite, Suite Plus. Whatever your choice is, you will find 9 front facing seats, that are as comfortable as the couch in your living room and that can be easily transformed into a sea of cushions and change the deck into a solarium. ZAR 75 combines unusual spaces and volumes with elegance and vanguard design.
In navigation ZAR 75 is absolutely excellent: the long V shaped hull guarantees an extraordinarily smooth impact on the waves. Very fast, it is great to drive: it allows tight veers without getting off course. It offers top safety and stability. Thanks to unexpected handling qualities, displacement operations are easy under any circumstances. And what about boring side sprays? Absolutely none… if you want to refresh, take a shower, with autoclave pump system!


Homologation:“CE cat. “B”
Length:m 7.42
Width:m 2.82
Internal walking length:m 7.35
Internal walking width:m 2.20
Intertubular width:m 1.68
Tubular diameter:cm 58
N. tubular compartments:n. 6
Seating capacity:n. 14
Net dinghy weight (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor):kg 1,100
Maximum power applicable:kW 225 HP 300
Power recommended:) HP 150/250
Engine shaft lenght:
Max. weight nstallable motors:kg 480
CE certification:with “B” design category and CE type testing. (A+a form).

Optional equipment:

• autoclave shower system with a 60 litre water tank
under the walk floor;
• stainless steel tilting roll bar with go ahead lights,
anchorage lights, horn;
• beacon;
• anchor-winch electrical winch;
• auxiliary motor support;
• electric panel;
• wake board kit;
• electric sea WC for Zar 75 Plus.

Features ZAR 43:

the characteristics that are the same for all the models are described in the “ZAR secrets” pages)
• 3 rows that can seat 10 persons forward running;
• anchor forepeaks and afterpeaks;
• back peak with the mooring accessories;
• front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed
(cm 160 x 230) with extensions as an optional;
• wide stem dinette with a table as an optional;
• wide back dinette with a table included (Suite);
• 175 x 180 back sunbathing bed (with the two back
rests in the horizontal position);
• two-seater console (that can be located in the middle
or on the side of the boat) with a hydraulic wheelhouse,
stainless steel rudder, 2 internal watertight compartments
with door, an object holder and two peaks
under the front seat, wc -as an optional;
• three-seater multifunctional anatomic driver’s couch
with double driving position (sitting up and down);
• kitchen area under the driver’s couch equipped with:
sink, mincing board (also utilizable like a place for a
mono/double gas ring) and refrigerator special compartment
• bilge pump;
• 8 stainless steel handles for passengers safety;
• foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and double VTR bridge;
• 2 stainless steel fuel tanks (about 200+200 litres for
Zar 75 and Zar 75 Suite) located under the walk floor
according to standards;
• 1 stainless steel fuel tank (about 200 for Zar 75 Plus
and Zar 75 Suite Plus) located under the walk floor
according to standards;
• 6 handling handles;
• 4 stainless steel bollards;
• perimetric double millpond;
• polished stainless steel 9 Kg anchor;
• anchor-winch nose with stainless steel bow;
• 3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers.

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