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ZAR 57 Welldeck

The ZAR 57 Well-Deck rose from the glorious ashes of the ZAR 57 Twin, the ancestor of all the ZARs. Fifteen years of experience are concentrated in this new model, which offers a well-deck with unusual space, functionality and usability. Enhanced by numerous accessories such as very comfortable side pockets and about 160-liter fuel tank under the deck, preparation for an electric anchor winch and triple-function driver’s seat, the ZAR 57 Well-Deck has a new, very personal design that emphasizes and accompanies the thrust and dynamic equilibrium of its every element. As if that were
not enough, the new 57 has a longer, higher-performance hull than its celebrated predecessor, the winner of many Italian races thanks precisely to its exceptional hull lines.


Homologation:“CE cat. “B”
Length:m 5.77
Width:m 2.54
Internal walking length:m 5.70
Internal walking width:m 2.00
Intertubular width:m 1.44
Tubular diameter:cm 53
N. tubular compartments:n. 6
Seating capacity:n. 12
Net dinghy weight (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor):kg 680
Maximum power applicable:kW 114 HP 155
Power recommended:kW 52
Engine shaft lenght:lenght L
Max. weight installable motors:kg 340
CE certification:with “B” design category and CE type testing. (A+a form)

Optional equipment:

• polished stainless steel 6,5 Kg anchor;
• autoclave shower system with a water tank of about
60 l under the walk fl oor;
• stainless steel tilting roll bar with go ahead lights,
anchorage lights, horn;
• beacon
• anchor-winch electrical winch;
• auxiliary motor support;
• electric panel;
• wake board kit.

Features ZAR 43:

(the characteristics that are the same for all the models are described in the “ZAR secrets” pages)
• 3 rows that can seat 8 persons forward running;
• anchor forepeaks and afterpeaks;
• back peak with the mooring accessories;
• front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed
(cm 150 x 195) with extensions as an optional that
includes dunnages and pillows, the middle dunnage
with a stainless steel leg can be used as a table;
• wide stem dinette with a table as an optional;
• wide back peak;
• wide front peak;
• four side peaks in the stem sides;
• 160 x 195 back sunbathing bed (with the back rest in
the horizontal position);
• two-seater console with a hydraulic wheelhouse,
stainless steel rudder, 2 internal compartments with
door, an object holder and two peaks under the
driver’s couch and under the front seat. Reclining
driver’s couch with pantograph movement;
• bilge pump;
• repairs kit;
• infl ating device;
• a pair of paddles;
• 7 stainless steel handles for passengers safety
• driver’s couch with double position (sitting up and down);
• foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and double VTR bridge;
• 1 reticular polypropylene fuel tank (about 160 litres)
according to standards CE;
• 2 handling handles;
• 4 stainless steel bollards;
• perimetric double millpond;
• anchor-winch nose with stainless steel bow;
• 4 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers.

The boatyard reserves the right to bring modifi cations to the technical features without obligation of warning.


ID: 3466

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