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Ok Series

The 4 models in this Series are an ace up Lomac�s sleeve, thanks to their elegance and the special care taken by the Firm. Simplicity of design is exploited to provide a remarkable, ergonomic and very comfortable pilotage system and a system of lockers capable of containing a great quantity of articles thus permitting comfortable navigation.


460 oktwinshell 4.52 x 2.01 m 40 Hp 7
500 oktwinshell 5.01 x 2.13 m 40 Hp 8
520 oktwinshell 5.14 x 2.19 m 40 Hp 8
580 oktwinshell 5.70 x 2.37 m 60 Hp 10


The interiors are designed to make the most use of the big sundeck.

Lomac construction technology is employed to the maximum, giving adaptability and comfort of a level that places this Series absolutely at the top of its class with a really remarkable price/quality ratio compared to other brands.

In order to satisfy both pleasure boating and occupational needs, Lomac Nautica offers a wide range of original accessories, all tested separately and designed for the best use of the inflatable boat in perfect safety Each model has EC certification and is built according to strict technical standards and assembled with careful craftsmanship.

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