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Turismo Series

The 4 models in this Series take you back to the true spirit of the classic inflatable boat but have the performance and the comfort of larger semi-rigid craft. There is no need to lay them up or transport them by trailer: these inflatable boats can travel by camper or station wagon.

They are approved for the transport of 4 a 7 people, perform exceptionally well and are very easy to steer.


320spneumatic 3.17 x 1.51 m 15 Hp 4
350marine plywood 3.45 x 1.61 m 15 Hp 6
380marine plywood 3.80 x 1.82 m 25 Hp 6
420marine plywood 4.09 x 1.84 m 30 Hp 7


Lomac Nautica prestige is seen at its best in this series also. The series includes three sizes:

* with a rigid keel (keelson) made in two sections
* limber boards of the best quality marine plywood and one model
* the 320s, with a pneumatic keelson, capable of gliding carrying 4 passengers with only 15 cv.

ID: 2808

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