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Feeling 32

A specially designed drop-keel boat for greater choice of where you can sail.
Also available in quillard version.
Simple but well designed.
Light and roomy enjoy life on board to its full. Power and stability to guarantee pleasant sailing. The result of 100 years of traditional boat building experience.


Lenght Overall:32.7
Hull Length:31.8
Waterline Length:28.6
Beam overall:11.3
Draft Fin Keel:5.5
Draft Lift Keel:2.2/6.3
Max Airdraft:nc
Fin Keel Weight:1275kg
Lift Keel Weight:1550kg
Sail Area:
Displacement Fin Keel (Light):4100kg
Displacement Lift Keel (Light):4450kg
Gross Tonnage (rating):10.44TX
Architect / Designer:Micheal Joubet / Patrick Roseo
ID: 2011

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