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Pioner 15 Allround

Pioner 15 Allround takes over from one of the country’s best-selling summer house boats. We have taken the success factors and incorporated them into the development of this boat and we are proud to once again have made a useful, safe and stable plastic boat with a new design language.

This is a boat for versatile use where those on board experience safe and comfortable journeys, whether it is a fishing trip, family trip, water sports or transport stops that are the plan for the day.

The spacious 15-footer has plenty of space, is stable and seaworthy. Nice solutions such as storage spaces help to keep things tidy on board. In addition, the boat can be customized with various accessories and solutions according to your wishes.


Max persons:5
Length x width:470cm x 180cm
Max HP:40hp/29.9kw
ID: 1461

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