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Pioner 8 Mini

Pioner 8 Mini is a boat with many uses. Put it on the roof of the car, and have access to a boat wherever you go. Use it to and from the larger boat at anchor, tow it or let the kids learn boating skills with this sturdy boat.

The Pioner 8 Mini makes good speed with a small engine, and it is easy to row. Longitudinal seat provides good seating comfort. The oars can be secured with straps when towing it. The Pioner 8 Mini are made of sustainable material, the material is called Polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. The material and the production form, where the boats are cast in one piece, provide robust boats with a long service life.


Max engine power:3.5hp/2.6kw
Length x width:242cm x 134cm
Shaft length:Short
ID: 1456

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