Avon SR4.7M Searider

The SR4.7M length ensures easy deck stowage on board small patrol and fishing protection vessels, but the craft is easy to launch from shore as a high speed rescue craft. Specially equipped versions are available for law enforcement, rescue and shipboard operations.
Rigid hulled inflatable craft are used worldwide by Military and Commercial operators including the Royal Navy. The Avon SR4.7M Searider has a deep 'V' seagoing hull, with a robust reinforced inflatable buoyancy collar, enabling this craft to operate in the most difficult conditions.


Length Overall:15'5" 4.70m
Length Inside:11'2" 3.40m
Beam Overall:6'6" 2.03m
Beam Inside:3'6" 1.07m
Tube Diameter:19 1/2" 60cm
Approximate Weight:550lbs 250kg
Displacement Dry:4700lbs 2136kg
Dimensions Swamped:2960lbs 1345kg
Capacity Weight:1540lbs 700kg
Capacity Persons:8
H.P Longshaft Max:2 x 30 70
H.P Longshaft Useful:25 - 60
No. of Compartments:4
Knots/MPH:22 - 36 knots 25 - 41 mph

Standard Equipment:

# Centre consol steering & seat
# Drain ports
# Heavy duty rub strake (5)
# Double skin to bow area
# 4 davit lifting points
# Integral grab handles
# Lifelines
# Paddles with retainers
# Foot bellows
# Repair kit
# Petrol tank retainers
# Instruction manual
# Storage pocket
# Water ballast system
# Towing bridle patches

Optional Equipment:

# Self righting frame & equipment
# Navigation lights
# Compass
# 4 leg single point lifting sling
# Pressure relief valves
# Rescue quoit and line
# Boarding ladder
# Extra storage pockets
# Pressure gauge
# Sea anchor

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