Bic 252

A partner for fishing or hunting, the Bic 252 is very stable. Whether you use it for hunting, casting a fishing line or pulling in the fish that didn't get away there is no risk of capsize.
The Bic 252 is a comfortable dinghy to take you to your anchored boat and can be loaded with sails, food and boat equipment. She can easily carry 3 persons on board. A small engine can be easily installed.
The Bic 252 is now classified in D Category by the european directive n� 94/25/CE. It shows how stable and safe the boat is.


Length:2,50 m / 8'3''
Width:1,15 m / 3'9''
Weight:45 kg / 99 lbs
Capacity:3 persons
Outboard engine maxi power:4CV / 3kW
Available colors:- blue/white - orange/white - green/beige


A low volume/weight ratio
Excellent stability
A high resistance to impacts and UV rays
Easy transportation with the new wheels system

Acessories & Options:

Accessories included with the dinghy
- 2 paddles
- 3 rowlocks
- 3 rowlock brackets
- 1 rope
- 1 wooden seat
- 1 mooring cleat

ID: 1371

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