AMT 200 BR
A fun, fast and safe boat for allround use. AMT 200 BR is a social boat that is just as suited for commuting and day cruising, as it is for water sports and fishing. Great standard accessories and super seaworthiness.

AMT 190 BR
An action-packed access and leisure boat for multiple uses. The hull design is all-new and extremely sporty, and it has been especially designed for effortless boating. Good fuel economy, excellent manoeuvrability, vast storage spaces and extreme spaciousness are some of AMT 190 BR’s points of focus. High-quality materials and components, as well as a modern new design, gives 190 BR that extra feel of luxury and comfort.

AMT 175 BR
AMT 175 BR represents the new generation of AMT boats, and largely follows the same design principles as those of its sister model AMT 190 BR, the stylish bow rider that was introduced in the spring of 2016. In designing the AMT 175 BR, the main focus has been on safety, effortless usage and a stylish design.

AMT 190 R
The new AMT 190 R center console is easy and fun to drive even in rougher waters. The smoothly running hull gives the boat excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The large console protects from wind and water, allowing excellent visibility in all directions, and driving is easy and safe in a standing position as well. As of 2019 the 190 R is possible to choose with either a fiberglass or an aluminum hull. The aluminum hull is sold as an additional accessory.

AMT 160 R
Luxury and comfort with a smaller price tag is what AMT 160 R stands for. It is a stable console boat for use at both the summer house, for fishing and shorter leisure trips - there is pretty much nothing this spacious 4,7-meter boat cannot do.

AMT 150 R
AMT 150 R is an easy-to-use multipurpose boat with high sides and a deep V hull that is ideal as both a boat for the summer house and as a stylish city cruiser. Thanks to its safe demeanour, 150 R is perfectly suited for independent younger boaters as well. The steady and easy-to-clean construction makes this model an excellent choice for fishing and commuting. Due to its light weight, AMT 150 R requires less engine power. In addition it is low-priced, so the total cost of usage remains reasonable. AMT 150 R features an unsinkable “safely to shore” structure, familiar from the larger AMT models, as well as AMT’s proprietary and unique, clog-free self-draining system.

Sea Ray 290 Sunsport
Built for big water, this 290 Sun Sport offers superb handling, a spacious cockpit and a beautifully detailed fullfeature cabin. Optional cockpit layouts let you choose the right configuration for you.

Glastron Deck Boats DX 215 DB
A high-performance package with common sense pricing—we can’t think of a more apt description for our DX 215 deck boat. Chock full of world-class Glastron performance features for watersport fanatics. Front, rear and dockside boarding to get you on the water. A spacious head compartment to keep you there. Plus a long list of options to ensure your boat matches your style.

Glastron SSV 170
You see crossovers everywhere on the road. Now take one out on the water. The lightweight yet power-packed SSV 170 is designed and built for the way you live today. Easy to tow behind smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The performance to pull a couple of skiers without forcing you to keep your other eye on the gas gauge. You could say we rewrote the rulebook with this runabout.

Glastron SSV 175
Perfect for families on a budget that value time on the water. Where others begin and end at entry-level design and features, we went further to ensure you get the most boat for your buck. Exclusive SSV® hull design. Upgraded bucket seating. Super-sized sun lounge. Even better, the SSV 175 drives like a dream, goes easy on the fuel, and doesn’t require a new monster truck for towing.

Like all Glastron bowriders, this outboard-propelled dynamo offers more than its fair share of pleasant surprises. Faria® chrome-bezel gauges on the dash. Slide-out cooler under the wide rear bench seat. A rocking Jensen® audio system. But when it comes to eye-opening acceleration out of the hole plus head-turning design, let’s face it, the GT 180 is simply in a class all its own.

Glastron GT 185
The medium made happier. Not too big, definitely not small—the lightweight, easy-to-trailer GT 185 arrives at the lake loaded with features without the bloated price tag. Once on the water, the promise of performance made by its sporty exterior styling is delivered on, thanks to our exclusive SSV® hull design. So even with a modest engine choice, there’s no reason for you to be.

Glastron GT 205
The poster child of the Glastron family, the GT 205 displays prodigious performance, handling and styling the second it hits the water. Like its smaller GT siblings, this 20-footer is underpriced yet overachieves in every way. A huge, comfortable bow with room to stretch out. An expansive bench seat and ingenious walk-thru transom gate. Unmatched muscle and agility. It’ll do you proud, too.

Glastron GLS 195
For the hardcore water sport enthusiast who prefers to be pampered between runs, the GLS 195 is without equal. Perfectly sized for skiing and wakeboarding adventures. Painstakingly crafted to please even the most critical eye. From tachometer to walk-thru transom, grab handles to storage compartments, everything—including the price tag—is impeccably design and right where it should be.

Glastron GLS 215
The aggressively styled GLS 215 turns water into a high-speed fashion runway. Note the honeycomb graphics and stainless steel accents. An exquisitely tailored cockpit with patterned snap-in carpet and a helm designed to both indulge and invigorate. And for those families ready to show off their fun side, a walk-thru transom onto a swim platform, plus plenty of storage for water toys.

Glastron GLS 235
Weighing in with a wealth of upscale features, the GLS 235 quickly displaces any lingering doubts about upgrading your boating experience. Voluminous walkaround space. Plush passenger seating fore and aft. Distinctive touches everywhere you turn. Whether your aim is to pull a skier or simply throw your weight around, this 24-footer is long on extras and short on excuses.

Glastron GLS 255
The GLS 255 puts over 25 feet of beauty, brains and brawn at your beck and call. Indulge up to 12 passengers in amenities typically reserved for more formidable budgets. Head compartment for extra comfort. Walk-thru transom, flip-up rumble seat, and sculpted upholstery with stainless steel and wood grain accents. The day you ride it is the day you realize that more is, indeed, more

Glastron MX 180
The MX 180 boasts outboard power along with our exclusive SSV® hull design. A variety of standard interior features include a towing pole for water sports and a boarding ladder for exiting the water when your fun comes to an end. Plenty of performance is built into this easily-to-tow beauty that will garner plenty of head turns when you are out on the water.

Glastron MX 185
Why some manufacturers build their entry-level models outside of the U.S. is beyond us. Instead, for newcomers to the lake life, we choose to build watercraft that embrace time-tested American values. The MX 185 is a perfect example. And by perfect, we mean a SSV® hull design, plus an impressive list of standard features other folks try pushing as upgrades. For those about to boat, we salute you.

Sea Ray 290 Select EX
Specially designed for performance enthusiasts, this stylish super-premium runabout is the ultimate in show-stopping elegance. Our deep hull configuration lets you handle big water with ease, while enjoying executive-class extras including an extra-large cockpit, luxurious appointments and impressive stereo system.

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