Bic Sportyak 213
The Sportyak 213 is the ideal dinghy. Man - powered or with a small engine, she is perfect in all situations and can be easily stored. During holidays, it becomes a safe big toy for the children. In harbours, lakes, rivers or on the beach, in any situation, the Sportyak 213 is the most versatile dinghy available.

Santiago Fishing
The new Santiago Fishing is a superb base for your open-water fishing trips : stable, with great glide and very manoeuvrable even at low speed, it's perfect for getting you to the best spot speedily and safely. The standard production fittings are comprehensive, with an adjustable seat which, combined with the wide, adjustable foot rests gives excellent paddle comfort. Good storage space has always been a feature of the Santiago Fishing, and for very good reason, comprising a dry storage, a storage locker, plus a wide rear platform that enables you to load all the gear you need for all your fishing trips. Not forgetting the three rod rests, of which one is pivoting for maximum freedom of movement.

Adventure 150
The Adventure is the logical next step after our SOTs, enabling one to move on to a more physical type of kayaking, without difficulty. Its glide and performance is much better than that of a Sit-On-Top and its little skeg at the stern give its good tracking. Its wide cockpit gives good leg protection and it can be fitted with a spray skirt. Wider than on more sporty types of kayaks, it allows more freedom of movement and allows one to get on and off easily without the fear of staying stuck. On the Adventure, it is therefore easy to get back in after capsizing, after a swim or an under-water diving session.

Adventure 120
Slightly longer than the 100, the new Adventure 120 Sit-in is just as easy a paddle but with a bit of extra glide and great for paddling on lakes, rivers, lagoons and calm seas. Fast and stable, it's aimed at kayakers looking for a great compromise between extra glide and less volume. The wide cockpit shape assures a hassle-free launch and land. Adjustable foot rests and the high quality "Ergoflex Seating" seat give excellent paddle comfort. The padded knee rests add an extra and very welcome touch. The large forward storage area, plus a rear platform with integral elastic straps mean you can really load up with equipment. A fast, stable kayak with top quality fittings.

Adventure 100
Neat Sit-in for lake & sea Solo leisure paddling The new Adventure 100 is an easy paddling Sit-in that's great for lakes, rivers, lagoons and calm seas. Fast and surprisingly stable considering its compact size, it's very easy to handle on land too and fits neatly on the roof of your car. The wide cockpit shape assures a hassle-free launch and land. The fittings include foot rests and an adjustable backrest that guarantee a comfortable paddling position. And it's got ample storage space front and back. A versatile, compact and speedy Sit-in.

Fast and all decked-out! Solo leisure paddling Excursions The new Santiago fits the gap between the Bilbao and the Scapa. Very stable, with excellent glide and high manoeuvrability even at low speed, it's a very versatile kayak for lakes and open sea, and is aimed at people looking for an easy paddling but high performance option. The standard production fittings are perfectly adapted to serious use : an adjustable seat, big adjustable footrests, giving you a high-comfort paddle position. The dry box, front storage locker and wide rear platform mean you can carry everything you need for all your excursions.

Bic Sport Ouassou Kayak
The Ouassou is designed as a versatile, fun kayak with a wide range of use. With its excellent glide, control and manoeuverability, the Ouassou is ideal for beach fun. Also, the stern handles let you to hang on to the stern and swim and also allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably. The 'spatula' shaped hull is derived from surf longboards and rodeo kayaks. It's quick and responsive. The slight keel and lateral rail design provide directional stability and excellent tracking. Also, the Ouassou's knee-strap system allows you to secure your body to the cockpit when you are looking for greater control. Its compact form and light weight make this a kayak that is easy to manoeuver, transport and store.

Bic Sport Bilbao Fishing Kayak
The Bic Sport Bibao Fishing kayak takes the versatile stability of the Bilbao and adds a whole new dimension of use to this outstanding solo kayak. The Bilbao Fishing will quietly and effortlessly transport the fisherman into secluded river holes or safely out to the favorite fishing spot on the bay and features a dark green deck and tan hull to camouflage your activities. The high quality finish, Tri-Hull Design shape and built-in stability make the fishing experience comfortable, easy and safe. The fluid hull shape provides a smooth ride, while the deck shape and quality extras allow you to carry your tackle, rods and gear with optimum stability and safety. Its compact size and reduced weight make it easy to stow and the transport wheel in the stern makes it easy to bring down to the water.

Bic Sport Tobago Kayak
The Tobago is the kayak for all the family and all uses. Its ergonomic seating positions and well researched design provide for numerous possibilities of use: paddling alone, with 1 or 2 children, 2 adults, even 2 adults and 1 child. The fluid hull lines mean it’s also well suited to sport kayaking, with the additional crew of your choice, all with maximum comfort and safety. It’s a kayak that’s fun, stable and fast.

Bic Sport Scapa Kayak
With its narrow, water-cutting bow section and clean hull shape, the Scapa is a boat that is designed for speed. The look matches the feel in every way but still retains the excellent stability and added safety and comfort you expect from a BIC 'Sit on Top'. The Scapa is a new generation "hybrid" kayak and features a unique cockpit closure system which keeps you dry and warm during off-season or rough-water paddling sessions, but is easily removed for warmer, quieter paddling. With excellent speed, the Scapa is a true sport boat designed and built for fast cruising and physical conditioning. What's more, it's an excellent boat for learning sea kayaking. Even in difficult sea conditions, the Scapa holds its course thanks to its superb glide and reassuring stability. The molded baggage storage area behind the cockpit allows you to load up with diving tanks, as well as fishing or hunting equipment.

Walker Bay - Velocity
The Velocity features a narrow beam and Sleek-Skin™ hull design to maximize paddling efficiency. A foot long skeg provides consistent tracking and integrated footrests offer the paddler support for a more powerful stroke, as a result, the Velocity glides through the water quickly and easily. With a storage compartment for food & refreshments and integrated bungee cords for gear, the Velocity is the ideal kayak for day trips.

Walker Bay - Tandem
Still compact enough to fit in its own custom backpack, the Play Tandem is designed to comfortably accommodate two paddlers. Multiple D-ring attachment points allow the backrests to be adjusted for maximum legroom. The Tandem can also be converted into a single paddler kayak simply and easily, by removing one of the backrests. Perfect for families and couples, or even a single paddler with a dog.

Walker Bay - Sport 10
Loaded with features, the Airis Sport is a versatile inflatable kayak perfect for short expeditions or fun day trips. The long hull design combined with the bow keel and oversized rear skeg results in great tracking performance, so paddling distances is easier. The bungee tie downs and integrated dry storage compartment are great for transporting gear while the rubber handles and lightweight hull make it the ideal kayak for portages. Whether you’re exploring, or just on a quick paddle, the Airis Sport is sure to provide fun & adventure.

Walker Bay - Play 9
The Play is amazingly lightweight, extremely stable and so quick to set-up so you’ll be on the water in no time. The shorter length of the Play makes it easy to maneuver whether you are exploring coves, or tackling whitewater, while the shape of the hull provides incredible stability and comfort. A fun, fast way to get on the water, Play is the perfect recreational kayak.

Walker Bay - Play 8
The Play is amazingly lightweight, extremely stable and so quick to set-up so you’ll be on the water in no time. The shorter length of the Play makes it easy to maneuver whether you are exploring coves, or tackling whitewater, while the shape of the hull provides incredible stability and comfort. A fun, fast way to get on the water, Play is the perfect recreational kayak.

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