Raven 500
Recreation displacement boats made of corrosion-resistant aluminium. The big advantage of these boats is their simple design, wihich combined with the high quality method of welding (TIG) makes this construction robust, durable and resistant to damage. Thanks to this, these boats are very economical. Small draft allows sail in shallow waters- ideal for trips on inland waters.

Traho 440
Light and fast sliding boats made of alloy Hydroalium. With high quality TIG welding, boats construction is solid, durable and resistant to damage. Ideally suited for dynamic sailing or fishing trips- and also can provide many activities pulling water skiers or other water recreation equipment.

Universal flat-bottomed boat made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. Simple and lightweight design makes these boats can be widely used. Very popular among of the emergency services are also appreciated by divers and anglers. Rugged, reinforced bottom allows to sail at a very shallow water and is resistant to damage (eg strikes).

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