Bavaria B/One
She is the smallest BAVARIA, but fast on the water, flexible in every way, quick to get back on land and easily transported on the road. Designed by Farr Yacht Design and built by BAVARIA, every B/one carries the genes of a thoroughbred racer. Thanks to exceptional sailing performance, the B/one is not just a sporting machine – she is also the perfect day cruiser and weekender.

Delphia 24
Delphia 24 Designed by the renowned naval architect Andrzej Skrzat, the Delphia 24 One Design regatta yacht was developed as a joint venture between the Polish Regatta Association and Delphia Yachts boatyard. The objective was to develop a yacht that bridged the gap between high-performance swing keel and sport ballast boats designed for training and racing, that would also meet the requirements of recreational sailing. This result was a yacht that is extremely responsive to the helm yet its superior stability negates the requirement for trapeze wires. This high performance yacht is made from the highest quality composite materials to ensure maximum performance and durability and its advanced hull structure gives it an ability to plane in strong winds. Its weighted daggerboard ensures stability for controlled sailing even in high winds.

Pacer 27 Sport
The Pacer 27 Sport is a new generation trailer sailer which offers very exciting sailing and top speeds at a fraction of the cost of boats twice it's size. Designed by Alex Simonis and Maarten Voogd, who also designed the successful Maxfun 25 and which is doing well in Europe, our brief was for a boat which would perform offshore the South African coast (Cape of Storms), and still be great fun on inland waters. It was also important to have a small interior capable of sleeping 2 adults and 2 children for those family units where dad races hard, but still wants to be able to treat the kids to a night or two on the boat.. To make the boat into a One Design class which enjoys good fleets no matter where the sailing venue may be, it was important to ensure that it could be easily slipped and towed. The retractable keel and removable cassette type rudder means that the boat sits low on it's trailer, tucking in behind the tow vehicle, and it's low mass means it can be easily pulled by a 2.5ltr car or light van. The rig is easily dropped or raised, with just 3 persons, and will take about 40 minutes from arriving at the waters edge to launching the boat. Whilst Carbon masts are sexy and all the rage, we opted for a performance alloy rig in order to keep costs down, and after receiving advice from Sparcraft/Southern Spars. The Hull is Gelcoat, Polyester and Foam composite, resulting in a rigid but relatively lightweight boat, whilst the deck is Gelcoat, Polyester, Balsa composite. The area around the chainplates is strengthened and there is a bulkhead beneath the cockpit floor directly under the mainsheet traveller position, plus a partial bulkhead below the companionway. The interior consists of a one-piece tray which has integral berths and supports as well as a 'well' for an off-the-shelf portaloo if required for 'family sailing'. Top SOG measured to date was during Table Bay Week 2006, with North Sails' Rick Nankin driving the boat, at 24.5knots. Exciting? We think so. Rick's comments were that the boat was totally in control at the time -and we have had similar comments from owners, such as Antony Wentworth from Falsa Bay Yacht Club where they enjoyed a fantastic run from Cape Point back to the club, with the bag up and maintaining speeds in the top teens whilst 100% in control in a bumpy sea. Owners who sail their boats on the Vaal Dam, inland, also experience good wind pressure and they too are estatic about the performance. Is it a true 'Sportsboat'? It can certainly be categorized as such but it is not as radical a design as other boats. With it's (limited) interior it tends to offer more than an out-and-out 'Sportsboat' (as many others seem to be large dinghies). So, if you are looking for a reasonably substantial boat, one which can be towed far easier than most, and one which will bring a smile to your face every time you jump on board, then this is the boat for you. Naturally, you will also WIN RACES.

Club Swan 42
The winning concept of the Club Swan 42 was conceived by Nautor's Swan and the Frers Design Office, in partnership with the New York Yacht Club. A competitive one design, the Club Swan 42 is the ideal boat for Club and one design racing. The Club Swan 42 also performs well under IRC, while it is a comfortable boat for cruising with family and friends. Underlying the clean, modern lines of the Club Swan 42 is a construction of the very highest quality, which harnesses the latest in building and materials technology.

Beneteau Figaro II
A new generation One Design The Bénéteau Figaro II is the first true offshore one design. Built with hi-tech construction methods, easy to sail even in windy conditions, her large hull, double rudder and a extremely tight weight control allows her to reach very high cruising speeds, especially downwind, even under automatic pilot.

Beneteau 25 Platu - 2000
A one-design �par-excellence� with an extensive European circuit. Grand prix program at - -

Beneteau First Class 7.5
The new First Class 7.5 is a modern and high performance one design Designed in 1982 by Jean-Marie Finot and Jacques Fauroux,the First Class 8 has appealed many yacht owners as well as yacht clubs with her performance,her reliability and her seaworthiness. With over 1000 units sold in her class, she has been an exceptional startup and an excellent credencial for young competitors. To establish the specifications of her successor, and write another success story, Bénéteau and the French Sailing Federation have associated their know-how in performance sailing and high level training.The First 7.5 is a simple, transportable boat built to last.The well known expertise of Bénéteau in high level one-design classes is being pushed even further, with the introduction of a new resin infusion process coupled with systematic production control online. Designed by Groupe Finot with the insight of the French Sailing Federation, the new First Class 7.5 is a modern, versatile and high performance one design; which will be equally at ease entering a club race or a high level match racing championship.

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