Honda 40 Jet
Honda reliability with the flexibility of a jet drive. The 40 Jet is perfect for boating in locations where normal prop driven boats can’t operate. Rocky bottom shallows, white river rapids, and even over sandbars – your Honda can take you there. The low-profile foot design allows a boater to maneuver in minimal depths without the fear of getting a propeller caught or damaged on rocky, rough bottoms, shallows, or other underwater obstacles. Based on the BF60’s proven platform, the 40 Jet takes everything you love about the BF60 and adds the versatility of a Jet. The best maneuverability. Best in class high output charging. And of course, the best time out on the water. Add in features like BLAST, Programmable Fuel Injection, a high performance heavy-duty gear case, Lean Burn Control, and variable speed trolling, and you’ve got a legendary motor that’s truly best in class.

Honda BF105 Jet Drive
The BF105 Jet Drive engine delivers some of the most advanced technology ever seen in an outboard. It boasts VTEC Technology that delivers more power, torque and efficiency at every speed. Combined with Honda's exclusive Lean Burn Feedback, which automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load to maximize fuel efficiency, you get an engine that delivers more power with less fuel. And to insure long term durability, Honda engineers designed a Three Way Cooling System. The cylinder head runs slightly cooler than the cylinder block, greatly reducing engine wear. Expect awesome power, less refueling, and far less maintenance over many boating seasons. Take a look inside at the engineering of this incredible powerhouse. Honda's 105 hp is 2.4 liters.based on the same engine that powers the incredibly reliable Honda Accord, CR-V and Element.

Honda BF65 Jet Drive
The Honda BF65 Jet Drive , 4-stroke outboard gives you solid, responsive power when you need it. It's highly fuel-efficient 4-to-4 induction system uses one carburetor for each cylinder. And that means power, with quicker and smoother acceleration than engines with large throttle bodies and long intake runners. Positive lubrication from a crankshaft-driven oil pump protects all parts all the time. And a sensitive engine alert system lets you see, hear, and feel a warning if there's overheating, over-revving, or if you're low on oil.

Honda BF35 Jet Drive
The Honda BF35 is the lightest 35 horsepower, 4-stroke engine in the world. The new erogonomically designed center mounted tiller handle provides ease of operation and improved handling. And Honda's patented non-linear rubber mounts makes the ride even more comfortable. A fuel-efficient 3-to-3 induction feature saves space and weight.

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